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Haus Aus Glas Wikipedia: Details On Ard, Mediathek, Inhaltsangabe, And Miniserie

The Haus Aus Glas Wikipedia provides details about Ard, Mediathek, Inhaltsangabe, Miniserie and Miniserie. Follow our article to know more. 

Did you know about German Drama miniseries trending on online platforms? Are you aware of what is all about the House of Glass miniseries? If not, then this article is what you need to go through. The German miniseries has been buzzing on online platforms. The series has become viral in Germany.

In this article, we will detail about the Haus Aus Glas Wikipedia. Read the article.

The Haus Aus Glas Wikipedia:

House of Glass, the German miniseries has been buzzing throughout the online platforms. The series has generated widespread attention on internet. The drama series Ard features 6 episodes. The House of Glass miniseries is directed by Ester Bernstorff. The series has been published in 2024. The series is broad casted in German language. This has been the very 1st season of the drama series. The duration of the miniseries includes 45 minutes. The Mediathek series has been produced by Kerstin Schmidbauer and Constanze Guttmann. The 1st season was broadcasted on 4th January 2024 at Arte. The House of Glass miniseries has become viral on online platforms.

The Haus Aus Glas Wikipedia

The summarize the miniseries, it tells us about a family that gathers together after since a long time for their younger daughter marriage. The trauma among the family members in Inhaltsangabe were again brought into light for which they got separated. The child abduction case also surrounds the entire series. Ever since the miniseries was broadcasted, it has been trending on online platforms.

The House of Glass Ard viral on internet:

The German miniseries starring “House of Glass” has been a buzz on online platforms since its release. It was broadcasted on 4th January 2024 on Arte. The miniseries featured 1st season consisting of six episodes. The miniseries was broadcasted in German language. Later the series was also broadcasted at Das Reste on 9th January 2024 onwards. The Miniserie script writer of this mini series includes Esther Bernstorff, Annika Tempelmann, Annette Simon and Stefanie Misrahi. Ever since the series viral, it has been surfacing throughout the online platforms.

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More information about House of Glass Mediathek:

More information about House of Glass Mediathek 

The first episode has the title “The Waterman” which features the gathering of the family members on the occasion of Richard Schwartz’s youngest daughter Emily and Chris. The second episode of the Miniserie has the title “The Succession” which features Richard who reveals his succession to the family business. Where it was known that Eva the elder daughter won’t carry the succession. Inspite his brother in law Chris will carry forward the family business. The third episode of the Miniserie has the title “The disappearance” which features depicts the child abduction questions surrounding the entire family members. 

The fourth episode with the title “The search” which features Emily learns about some inconsistencies with her husband and she also engage into an argument with her friend Bahar following the family business. The fifth episode of the Miniserie has the title “When it gets dark” which features the family property has been taken by siege. After everything, Richard wants Emily to succeed his family business. The sixth episode with the title “Down to the bottom” features Emily frees herself from every trouble while new things and secrets awaits for the family members. The House of Glass miniseries trends on online platforms.            

Summing Up:

The Haus Aus Glas Wikipedia has been trending on online platforms. To learn more details about the House of Glass miniseries, click on this link.

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