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Suchana Seth LinkedIn And Family: Details On Mindful AI CEO’s Husband, Instagram, Twitter Account

What is Suchana Seth LinkedIn And Family? What is Mindful AI? Who is her Husband? Details about her Instagram and Twitter.

Why is Suchana Seth LinkedIn And Family trending on the internet? Who is Suchana Seth? What did Suchana Seth do to get arrested? Did Suchana Seth kill her son? Who is Suchana’s husband? What are the details related to Suchana? Netizens from India, the United Arab EmiratesCanada, and the United States are trying to learn the details of the Suchana Seth Case.

Suchana Seth LinkedIn And Family

Suchana Seth, a 39-year-old CEO, killed her 4-year-old son in Goa. As per reports, the woman was arrested on 9th January 2024 for killing her son in a room of Goa’sGoa’s service apartment. The staff members grew suspicious when Suchana returned to Bengaluru alone because she checked in along with her son. The hotel staff reported the authorities.  

Mindful AI CEO Suchana Seth carried his son’s body in a taxi cab from Goa to Bengaluru. The taxi driver gave his statement; he said that one of her bags was very heavy, and he felt uncomfortable lifting it. However, he was shocked to learn that it was the dead body of a 4-year-old boy. 

Suchana Seth LinkedIn And Family

Note: We will provide a link to Suchana’s LinkedIn profile in the second last paragraph of the article.

Details Related to Suchana’s Husband

Suchana’s ex-spouse’s name is Venkat Raman; he is from Kerala, whereas Suchana is from West Bengal. She has been living in Bengaluru for a long time. Raman was in Jakarta when Suchana killed their son. He flew right back and permitted authorities to perform a post-mortem on his son’s dead body. 

As per Twitter reports, the couple got divorced in 2022. They got married back in 2010 and had a son in 2019. Their marriage had a lot of issues, and their divorce was finalized in 2022. According to Suchana, Raman was his estranged ex-husband, and they were not on good terms with each other. The Mindful AI CEO Suchana Seth case has become a trending topic in the country. 

Details Related to Suchana's Husband

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Reason Behind Suchana Killing Her Son 

As per reports, Suchana was not happy with the court’s court’s decision to let her ex-husband meet her son. The court granted permission to Raman to easily meet his son whenever he wanted. This was the reason Suchana claimed to have killed her son. She did not want her son to meet her Ex-Husband

Suchana is a well-educated woman with many skills and accolades throughout her career. She is also a proven and successful CEO. She has over 12 years of industry experience and was once featured in the 100 Brilliant nt Brilliant Women list. People on Twitter are talking about her case.

Social Media Links of Suchana Seth

LinkedIn Profile of Suchana

One thousand followers on LinkedIn and more than 500 connections. 

Instagram-Profile Link: We are unable to locate the official account of Suchana. There was an account with the name, but I could not verify the identity. 

Social Media Links of Suchana Seth


In today’s article, we talked about Suchana Seth’s Instagram and LinkedIn profiles. Along with her case, she killed her 4-year-old son in Goa’sGoa’s hotel because she did not want her son to meet his ex-husband. However, the court had granted permission. She was unhappy with the decision. If you wish to know more about Suchana Seth’s Seth’s case, click here.

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