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Nupur Shikhare Religion And Wikipedia: Details On Family, Instagram, Biography, Age

What is Nupur Shikhare Religion And Wikipedia? Please read details about his FamilyInstagramBiography, and Age here. 

Why is Nupur Shikhare Religion And Wikipedia trending? Who is Nupur Shikhare? Why is Nupur Shikhare trending on social media? Why are netizens trying to fetch details about Nupur Shikhare? People from IndiaPakistan, and Bangladesh wish to know more and more about Nupur. Thus, let us discuss the details about Bollywood star Aamir Khan’s son-in-law, Nupur.

Nupur Shikhare Religion And Wikipedia

Nupur Shikhare is currently trending on social media in South Asian countries. He married the daughter of Aamir Khan, Ira Khan, on Wednesday, 3rd January. Ever since he married the famous Bollywood star’s daughter, Shikhare has gone viral. Let us see his details.

The Wikipedia page on Nupur is not available. Nupur does have connections with many Bollywood superstars. However, it is because of his profession. He is a fitness coach, and he has been working with Aamir Khan for a long time. Nupur is also the fitness coach for Sushmita Sen since 2008.

Nupur Shikhare Religion And Wikipedia

Details On Nupur’s Family & More

Many more details about his family are available on the Internet. All we know is that his mother is a dance teacher, and her name is Pritam Shikhare. Details related to his father and siblings are not available. He was born on 17th October 1985 and brought up in Pune, Maharashtra. His religion has been identified as Hindu (as per sources). 

There are many reasons why Nupur is trending on Instagram; one of them is Nupur wore shorts and a T-shirt to his wedding. On 3rd January, many people saw the video of Nupur running 8 Km along with his friends to marry Ira. Many netizens debated about the positive and negative aspects of this move. Many people were laughing at Nupur’s move, whereas many were unhappy about it. Few people complained that wearing gym clothes to marriage.

Details On Nupur’s Family & More

What is the Age of Nupur Shikhare? 

As per his date of birth, 17th October 1985, Nupur is 38 years old. If our readers are wondering about the age of Ira Khan, she is just 27 years old. She was born in 1997. Nupur and Ira are all set to celebrate a grand wedding at Udaipur’s palace on 8th January. They will also have a reception ceremony on 13th January in Mumbai. 

The fans of Aamir Khan want to know all the Biography details of his son-in-law. On the Occasion of registering the wedding of Ira and Nupur, Aamir Khan, Reena Dutta, and Kiran Rao were present. There were also many important family members in the Khan family. Nupur’s family was also there. Junaid Khan and Imran Khan, along with his girlfriend, were there in attendance. Pictures from the ceremony are trending on social media. 

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Why did Nupur wear shorts & T-shirts to his wedding?

As per many Instagram reports, Nupur jogged 8kms to the venue of their marriage. The venue of the official marriage registration ceremony was the Taj Ends in Mumbai. This incident occurred on 3rd January 2024. There are several videos of Nupur jogging toward the Taj Ends trending. His friends joined Nupur on the jog. It was a unique ‘baraat.’ 

The Internet exploded after they saw these videos. Everyone wondered about the reason behind this move. Many were confused with Nupur wearing gym clothes to his wedding, but it was a planned event from the groom’s side. Nupur’s Age has also been a topic of discussion among netizens.

Nupur Shikhare’s Carrer Details

Nupur is a fitness consultant and coach. He is also an excellent dancer. He has been working with Pulkit Samrat, Sushmita Sen, and Rana Daggubati, along with Aamir Khan. Ira and Nupur started dating in 2019 when he was coaching Aamir Khan. 


Today, we tried to learn the Biography details of Nupur Shikhare. He has been married Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira on 3rd January. It was a private marriage registration ceremony along with families. The couple got engaged in 2022. They will have a grand wedding on 8th January at a venue in Udaipur. The marriage processions will continue till 13th January. If you wish to know more, click here.

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