Writing is a skill that can not be learned entirely; it needs inner passion and a creative mind. There is some guideline that is beneficial for you to write on a specific topic; however, you should have the creativity to make any content engaging and appealing to the readers.

Do you have creativity and a passion for writing? If yes, then you are welcome to our writer’s team. Our success as a top-ranked website is not entirely dependent on us; it completely goes to our writers’ teams, who have been creating informative and quality content for a long period.

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Rationalisurgent is providing an oppurtunity to submit a guest post on our site. If you are a passionate writer, then you can write for us cryptocurrency articles, including Bitcoin articles, Crypto News, cryptoanalysis, Exchanges, Investments, upcoming coins, and various other topics.

But while writing for us, you need to maintain our quality guidelines as we always accept articles with in-depth information, originality, and without errors. Before submitting your posts for publications, read our high-end guidelines to avoid errors.

What are We Looking for?

Before starting working with us, you can visit our website and gather knowledge of what types of content we post. You can know that there are various niche’ topics posted on our website, and the subject matters belong to the latest news, technology, finance, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency topics.

Therefore, we search for writers who can research rigorously and provide us captivating, engaging, and informative writings on these niches. Mainly we are looking for writers who can draft well-

  • Cryptocurrency exchange write for us post
  • Finance Blogs
  • Guest Posts
  • Crypto News
  • Content on Bitcoin
  • Crypto Analysis News
  • Crypto Exchange Articles

When writing your topic, you should be careful and give complete concentration as the write-up will be checked based on our guidelines. Hence, if you are not following the guideline or format, you might not get one payment and might lose your credibility.

If you have further doubts or inquiries, then there is a ‘Contact Us’ section on our website; visit the page and connect with our representatives via the given Email Address or Contact Us form. Furthermore, if you want to suggest something, please write to us via email.

Important Points You Need to Consider While Writing Posts for Us

  • Before sending your assignment, do not forget to check its originality. For example, check whether the topic is covered on our website already or not.
  • Our website Rationalinsurgent.Com is only for cryptocurrency and news-related topics. Simply, our readers expect articles on crypto-related topics, technology posts, and news updates that can be a guide, review, tips, report, and market analysis.
  • The Guest Post should be 1000 words. Make sure the content you are submitting is unique and hasn’t been published on other online portals.
  • We have the right to add or remove unwanted content from the post before publishing, as we always look for a good readability score.
  • One thing you need to remember that your post may take some time to publish on our website because our experts will check and review your write-up and examine the latest SEO guideline.

Coming to the payment, you will obtain payment only after the approval of your content by the quality analysts. Regardless of your location, you can earn if only you follow our article format guidelines.

In addition to this, working with us will be beneficial for you as your write-up will be read by hundreds of readers; plus, you can also share your writing with friends and family after it will become live on our website.

Detailed Guidelines

  • We have some strict rules and guidelines that you should know before submitting the final work project. It is essential to know our guidelines for each writer who is willing to work with us. In this segment, we will be discussing it; henceforth, you can know the article format and detailed guideline below-
  • Your write-ups must be grammatically error-free.
  • You need to incorporate catchy headings and subheadings as it will be helpful for our daily readers to understand the particular subject matter.
  • The write-up is required to be original and unique for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking.
  • You should incorporate the information in the Features, Pros & Cons section in bullet format.
  • You need to write your topic by using an active voice. Do not use passive voice excessively.
  • While writing, keep in mind that the content is needed to be a minimum of 1000 words limit.
  • The content must be readable and should be engaging to the readers.
  • Content can be rejected if the information is repeated multiple times.
  • The write-up must be captivating, engaging, and, more importantly, informative.
  • The writing language should be easy to understand and Harmonious.
  • Images should be original and relevant to the content.
  • The links should be relevant to your topic and content.

Why Write Guest Post for Us?

Our platform is open for all guest post contributors who want to write for us crypto articles. At rationalinsurgent, you can read genuine information about cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and various topics related to this niche.

If you write for us cryptocurrency, then you can-

  • Expand Your Outreach
  • Increase your online visibility
  • Improve link building
  • Promote your business
  • Gain business exposure

Submitted posts should raise awareness to readers.

How to Submit the Guest Post?

Select your topics and share the topic ideas via info.rationalinsurgent@gmail(dot)com.  After the topic confirmation from our side, you can start writing for us and send the article in a word document and the site URL.

We will forward your article to our editing team to detect the errors and then revert you to the same mail. So, what are you waiting for? Just write for us cryptocurrency posts. You can check the latest statistics of our website here.

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The Overview:

We are looking for writers who have the capacity to write posts on cryptocurrency and blogs on the latest technologies. If you want to connect with us very soon then you can search for Crypto sites write for us. If you are able to write with zero grammatical mistakes, then we will give you an opportunity where you can obtain a decent amount.

We hope that you understand what we are expecting from your content. Our organization accepts informative content about technologies and cryptocurrency. You can also Write for us Bitcoin articles and submit the post.

Additionally, we give an opportunity to the fresher to kick start their journey as a content writer. Do you want to start working with us? Then fill the below form or contact us via rationalinsurgent.com; You can contact us at info.rationalinsurgent@gmail(dot)com or fill out the form to get started. Our representatives will soon connect to you!