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Keleigh Teller Wikipedia And Age: Details On Golden Globes, Ethnicity, And Family

In this article, we deliver Keleigh Teller Wikipedia And Ageher Ethnicity and Golden Globes moments, and more about his Family and personal information.

Who is Keleigh Teller? Are you curious to know more about Keleigh Teller? Keleigh Telleris is not a famous personality. She married renowned actor Miles Teller, a Hollywood actor. But she is a big deal behind the Hollywood scenes and a known fashion and modeling personality in Spain and the United StatesRead Keleigh Teller Wikipedia And Age article to know more about the exciting woman Keleigh Teller.

Keleigh Teller Wikipedia And Age

Keleigh Teller Wikipedia And Age

Keleigh Teller was born on 16th December 1992 and is 32 years old. Her real name is Keleigh Sperry Teller. Keleigh was born in California’s Orange County in the USA. She is a professional Model, Yoga instructor, and actress. Her career highlights the featured promotions for Victoria’s Secret PINK, Levi’s, and Ralph Lauren. She acted in Television shows such as Melissa & Joey and The Secret Life of an American Teenager. Also, she is a certified yoga instructor. Continue reading to get detailed information about Keleigh Teller.

Keleigh Teller Wikipedia And Age

Keleigh Teller Ethnicity

Keleigh Teller loved fashion and modeling from a young age. She started her career early and became famous in brands like Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, and Victoria’s Secret PINK. Journals like Vogue and Elle featured her, making her a high-style model. 

Keleigh Teller belongs to the White Ethnicity. In 2013, Keleigh Teller met Miles Teller, the Hollywood actor. The couple quickly fell into a relationship with each other. The couple got married in 2019 in a beautiful South Africa ceremony. They became one of Hollywood’s favorite couples. She is an active advocate for psychological health awareness and animal rights Philanthropy.

Keleigh Teller Ethnicity

Keleigh Teller Family    

Keleigh Teller was born in California. Her father is Rand Sperry, and her mother is Rosemary White. She has five siblings. She has three sisters and two brothers. Keleigh’s sisters are Michelle, Christie, and Katie. Her brothers are Brian and Kevin. Keleigh Teller married Miles Teller on 1 September 2019.

Keleigh father, Rand Sperry, is a businessman. He has a prominent real estate company. The company’s name is Sperry Van Ness (SVN). He is also the boss at Sperry Equities. 

Keleigh is the first female ambassador and advisor to the Ruhakana Rugunda, Prime Minister of Uganda. It shows her significant impact other than the film industry and modeling.

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Keleigh Teller Golden Globes

Keleigh Teller strongly supports Miles Teller in his acting career. Whether appearing at red-carpet events or partying at his awards, she is always there for his loveable husband, Miles. Their relationship is a motivation for couples dealing with professional and personal challenges.

She graced magazine pages of Elle and Vogue. She is very supportive of her partner, Miles Teller, in his career. She inspires everyone with her journey in wellness, fashion, and acting.

In 2024, Keleigh Sperry has approximately 1 million dollars as her net worth. She earned this money by putting in a lot of hard work, acting, and discipline in her life.

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Keleigh is married to well-known actor Hollywood actor Miles Teller. But she has her own story in the worlds of fashion and modeling. Click the link to get detailed information about Keleigh Teller.

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