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Porky Bradberry Obituary And Age: Find Aiken SC, Wiki, Biography, Parents Details!

The article will share details on Porky Bradberry Obituary And Age along with his Wiki, Biography and Parents which is gaining popularity in Aiken SC.

Are you looking for Porky Bradberry’s Obituary? How old was Porky Bradberry at the time of his death? What is responsible for Porky’s death?

Lately, the Porky Bradberry Obituary And Age news is grabbing the headlines of major media houses. People especially from the United States are eager to get the insights of this news. If you want to find more details on this trending news, keep reading till the end.

Updates on Porky Bradberry Obituary And Age  

The death news of a former Aiken family jewelry shop owner is capturing major online news websites. Former Aiken Jewellery shop owner Swint E. “Porky Bradberry unfortunately passed away on Tuesday morning around 8 a.m. in his residence. The former owner died at nearly 78 years old.

How did Porky Bradberry pass away?

According to the County Coroner, Darryl Ables’s statements, Mr. Porky Bradberry was found dead in his own residence. The county sheriff further reported that they found some blunt injury marks on Porky Bradberry’s head.

Porky Bradberry Aiken SC death case revelations

The death case of Porky Bradberry gave rise to a past murder case in which he was charged earlier. Porky Bradberry faced allegations of murdering his wife by hiring three men. Five years back Porky Bradberry or Swint Porky Bradberry Jr. faced charges for his wife’s death. However, the prosecutors later decided to withdraw the charges due to lack of evidence. The investigating officers are somewhere relating Porky’s death to his wife’s murder case. 

Porky Bradberry Aiken SC death case revelations

Details on Porky Bradberry’s Biography

Porky Bradberry, was a well-known face of Aiken. He was born and brought up in Aiken SC. He used to live in his residence at 900 Block Brookhaven Drive. Porky Bradberry also joined his family’s jewellery business after completing his education.

The Aiken family jewelry shop was a family business of the Bradeberry for six continuous decades. Later, in 2020, Porky Bradberry and his family members decided to sell their business. This business mainly focussed on selling gold and diamond jewelry for years. After his death, the Porky Bradberry Aiken SC keyword trended on major online platforms.

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Porky Bradberry’s funeral details

Porky Bradberry’s family members didn’t reveal any statement for his funeral. We assume that Porky Bradberry’s family is planning a close funeral ceremony. Thus, the deceased family members chose to keep silent on his funeral. Therefore, updates for Porky’s funeral are still pending.

Who were Porky Bradberry’s Parents?  

Porky Bradberry’s parents were Swint Edward Bradberry Sr. and Elizabeth Bradberry. Porky’s father passed away at the age of 92 years on 9th Feb 2015. Porky Bradberry’s parents decided to shift their jewelry store in 1963 to a new location. Previously, Porky’s store was located in New Ellenton. Later, they opened their new store on Laurens Street downtown.

Who were Porky Bradberry's Parents

Porky Bradberry’s Wiki Details

Find the wiki details on Porky Bradberry below:-

Real Name

Swint Porky Bradberry jr.

Born 1945.
Age 78 years.
Occupation Former Aiken Jewellery Shop Owner.
Born At Aiken, U.S.
Parents Swint Edward Bradberry Sr. and Elizabeth Bradberry.
Nationality American
Currently on News Due to sudden demise or probably murder.

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Final Thoughts

We have shared all the necessary details on Porky Bradberry Obituary And Age in this blog. Porky’s Bradberry’s sudden demise turned into a suspected murder case. Officers are investigating this matter for more clarity. 

Do you have more details to share on Porky Bradberry’s death? Please comment your thoughts below.

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