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Upstream Rehabilitation Scam: Is Any Data Breach Happen? Check Letter, Locations and Reviews!

Read about Upstream Rehabilitation Scam and data breach problem, along with reviews of the company, letter issued, and locations.

Are you the person who updates yourself with trending online scams? Then, have you heard of this Upstream Rehabilitation Scam that has been spreading all over the United States?

This scam has shocked everyone because the data breach happened in a highly secured medical services institute, which led to the leak of many patients’ information. So let us find out about the data breach scam in detail.

What is the Upstream Rehabilitation Scam all about?

Upstream RollCo LLC is one of the best outpatient therapy providers and rehabilitation centers in the United States.

In April, they released an announcement that some unidentified party accessed the confidential mail accounts that belong upstream, and it has led to a greater data breach. Because those anonymous parties got the most sensitive information about the patients, it is quoted that nearly 22,564 individuals’ data has been breached till now.

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How did the Upstream Rehabilitation Data Breach happen?

Data breaching happened after an unidentified party accessed the email accounts of Upstream. They stole the data of the patients, like their name, date of birth, place of residence, social security number, medical insurance number, medical history, etc.

The scam started on January 24 and 31, 2023. During this period, the employees of Upstream found some suspicious activity in their mail accounts, and again, this incident happened in February. Then, recently, on September 15, 2023, an Upstream Rehabilitation Letter was issued to the patients who had lost their data.

What is the letter all about?

This is a notification letter issued by the upstream company to the victims whose data has been breached. The data scam has led to the loss of many sensitive pieces of information, and Upstream took a bold step by issuing letters to the patients, informing them to be more careful. All Upstream Rehabilitation Locations have released this letter to their patients.

The person who received those letters is advised to contact the data breach lawyers for assistance.

The locations of Upstream RollCo LLC

Upstream Rollco Company is headquartered at 1200 Corporate Dr., Suite 400, Birmingham, AL 35242, and spread to 28 states like Utah, Idaho, Idaho, Colorado, San Antonio, Houston, Louisiana, Vancouver, New York, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Kentucky, etc. They have multiple clinics in these states as well.

Overall, they have 1200 clinics all over the United States.

Upstream Rehabilitation Reviews

We can see lots of reviews from patients who get treatment from upstream companies. The company has received 3/5 ratings for its services. In the nice local team analyses, they received a score of 3.5/5, and most of the people appreciated the services provided by them. Suppose we see the reviews regarding the Upstream Rehabilitation Data Breach. In that case, it is a little heartbreaking because the scam started in January, and only in September have they issued letters to the victims and reported this issue to the Attorney General of Texas. This late response and action from upstream disappointed the people.


Since Upstream is the largest medical service provider, the victim rate has also increased significantly, but it’s time to take action. So, the person who received the Upstream Rehabilitation Letter must contact the Upstream Data Breach Officers to solve the data breach problem as early as possible or drop an email at Also watch this video to know more about upstream center, (706) About Upstream | Upstream Rehabilitation – YouTube

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