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Mac Jones Gardner Sauce Video Leaked: Explore Complete Information On Who Called Dirty Player

Details About Mac Jones Gardner Sauce Video Leaked and Who is Dirty Player? Read to know more.

What is Mac Jones Gardner Sauce Video Leaked? Who is Mac Jones? Who is Gardner Sauce? What happened between Jones and Gardner? Who is being called a Dirty Player? What are the details of the leaked video? People from the United States are concerned after a video involving NFL players has been uploaded. Let us read some details about the Jones & Gardner incident. 

Mac Jones Gardner Sauce Video Leaked

Sauce Gardner accused Mac Jones of hitting his body parts in the match on Sunday. A video has surfaced, where only some of the incident is evidently visible. But some bits & pieces of it can be seen. Such as one can notice that Jones swung his hand forcefully toward Gardner. 

This video is uploaded by Dianna Russini, who works in the NFL circuit and covers the sport. A few hours ago, she posted a closer view of the scuffle as well on her Twitter account. The video has gone viral throughout the social media. Netizens were also commenting on the bad quality of the video. 

Mac Jones Sauce Gardner Video

After Gardner’s New York Jets lost to New England, Gardner accused Jones. Then, on Monday, he posted that video on his social media. We tried to be funny in the caption. Although, the match referee did not pay attention to the claims. The authority has said to investigate this matter properly. 

Because Mac Jones has a problematic history, he has been involved in such cases formerly as well. Thus, it is important to pay attention to the accusations of Sauce Gardner. At the same time, Jones has denied the accusation. He said it’s football, a physical game. The young player defended himself. 

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Who called Mac Jones Dirty Player?

Darius Slayton, a player of the New York Giants, did not call Mac Jones a dirty player. But he reposted the video by Sauce Gardner on Twitter and said that Mac Jones is doing dirty tricks as per sources. By that, he meant Mac is applying immoral ways to win the game. 

He also commented this way because he is aware of Mac’s in-field objectionable incidents. Thus, he commented on Gardner’s matter considering the past on-field activities of Jones. Mac Jones is 25 years old, a young player hailing from Florida. He was first drafted in the NFL in 2021 and plays at the quarterback position. 

Social Media Accounts & More Details 

Since Gardner uploaded the Mac Jones Sauce Gardner Video, people have been searching for his social media accounts.

Sauce has more than 1 million followers.

He has more than 190 thousand followers on Twitter. 

Sauce’s full name is Ahmad Gardner, and Sauce is a stage name. He picked this name when he was just six years old. Gardner is just 23-years-old. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, on 31st August 2000. Gardner was drafted into the NFL in 2022.


The article has provided details about the Mac Jones and Sauce Gardner’s on-field scuffle. Reportedly, Gardner accused Jones of hitting his Groin. Mac Jones Dirty Player shows that Mac’s reputation is not good as per sources. Gardner was baffled and in pain. Gardner also posted a video on social media to prove his point. If you want to know about Sauce Gardner, click here.

Have you watched the video posted by Gardner or Russini? Please let us know what you saw in the video through comments. 

Disclaimer: The NFL authorities have not reacted on this matter yet. 

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