Scam Online Website Reviews Scam: Explore Detailed Reviews Here

We have scrutinized the facts on the Scam. Here, you will also learn about the Reviews on the USPS Quicktpos. Please read. Scam! 

Have you ever used the services of USPS? The postal services of USPS are no doubt extremely good, but the recent Scam has made everyone doubt their services. The scammers have been using the name of the United States Postal Service and fooling the people by unfair means. Kindly get all the required details on this scam here. 

What is the Scam

As per online sources, the scammers are fooling people in the name of providing shipping information to the buyers by providing fake tracking numbers. They are sending messages to the buyers claiming that they can access the shipping information of their current package that is yet to be delivered. They provide you with the fake tracking number in the message. Reviews!

We have not gathered any information regarding the reviews of the customers. When we open the official site of this, you will see a message saying that the order is on hold. There are no legitimate reviews available on the official website. Moreover, we tried to seek reviews from the online site but found no reviews on the same. We did not find any accounts on social media platforms either. So, the reviews are missing from the online social media sites. Thus, we cannot say if it is an authentic online site. Thus, you should be aware of such fake online sites. Scam: Know Its Legitimacy! 

This section will describe the legitimacy details of the USPS Quicktpos. Thus, kindly read about the facts on the same here. 

  • Trust Index: We determined that the site has zero percent of the trust index. Thus, it cannot be relied on.
  • Registration Date: The store was registered on June 26, 2023. The site is three months old and thus, it has a low lifespan.
  • Phishing Score: The store has a 60 percent phishing score. 
  • Malware Score: The site has a 16 out of 100 malware score. 
  • Reviews By Customers: We could not find the reviews on the website. Also, we cannot find the reviews on the online sites. 

Features as per Reviews

We have not found any authentic details like an email address. However, the address of their privacy office is mentioned here: 475 L’ENFANT PLZ WASHINGTON DC 20260-1101, SW RM 9431. 

We did not find the reviews on their official website. However, the privacy policy and the terms of use have been mentioned on the website. 

Should the customers trust this online site? 

This online site is not a trustworthy platform. Many people have been fooled by the phishing scan of this website. They are sending messages to the people claiming to provide shipping information. Scam asks for credit card credentials, phone number, email address, and other credentials. They may take it to fool you. Customers should look for facts related to Credit Card Scamming.


Summing up this post, we have found that this site seems not trustworthy because it has a poor trust index and short life span. The shop does not seem reliable and the customers should look for facts related to PayPal Scamming. Also, read facts to prevent online phishing scams.

What are your opinions on the Scam? Please comment.

DISCLAIMER: We have taken statistics on this online site from the online search engines. The readers should not rely on such sites until they read all the legitimacy factors and should not click on any link provided by the USPS Quicktpos. 

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