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Diaglu247 Com Diabetes: Check The Features And Legitimacy Of Site

We bring to you exclusively consolidated details about Diaglu247 com Diabetes to learn its features and authenticity.

Are you suffering from diabetes? Are you using medications to keep the sugar levels in control? But does the diabetes medication work? Are you looking to buy online medicines in the United States that help in effective sugar control? Did you come across Diaglu247.com? Let’s check about Diaglu247 com Diabetes.

About Diaglu247 com Diabetes:

Diaglu247.com is a website selling a bottle of capsules that claims to help maintain blood sugar levels. Their product is known as GlucoTrust, which includes biotin, chromium, manganese, cinnamon, zinc, juniper berries, gymnema sylvestre, and licorice root.

Diaglu247.com did not specify its mission statement. Diaglu247.com URL takes the users to two different websites. One of the websites uses HTTP protocol and is listed as a parking domain.

GlucoTrust is available for $69 per bottle. Three bundled bottles are available at a discounted price of $177, and six bottles at $294. 

The features of Diaglu247 com Diabetes:

Diaglu247 supports free shipping on all orders. Diaglu247 supports a 180-day returns and no-questions-asked policy. Payments are taken via Visa, MasterCard, and Amex. 

The privacy policies of Diaglu247 were found plagiarized. Diaglu247 did not specify its physical address, customer service contact number, refund policy, terms of user, shipping policy, FAQ, or exchange policy.

Diaglu247 has zero visitors monthly, yielding a traffic value of $0. Diaglu247 did not have any backlinks or do-follow-up links. It has a load time of 1.08 seconds, with a 71% C-performance grade (which is considered slow), and an average page size ranging from 6.9 MB.

Offers at Diaglu247 com Diabetes:

Diaglu247 offered a free copy of diabetes sustenance, recipe book, super-food, lever cleanse editions, and a copy of supplementing for people with diabetes. However, unrealistic discounts of up to 30% were offered. 

It relays its services using server serial chain# 0a3787645e5fb48c224efd1bed140c3c targeting ns55.domaincontrol.com( and ns56.domaincontrol.com( located in the USA. GoDaddy.com LLC is the registrar of Diaglu247, and Amazon Technologies Inc., USA, is the ISP provider.

The identity and contact details of Diaglu247’s owner, administrator, and technical team were censored using the paid privacy services of DomainsByProxy.com. Its email address, belinda@healthdaily247.org, pertains to a different domain.

The legitimacy of Diaglu247 com Diabetes:

Diaglu247.com was registered and updated 8-days ago, on 18th/September/2023, in the USA. Diaglu247.com has a short life expectancy as its registration will expire within 11-months and 23-days.

Diaglu247.com gained a poor 42% trust, 0% business, 10% suspicion, 93% threat, 23% phishing, 93% malware, and 1% spam scores. Diaglu247.com gained zero Alexa ranking and 1/100 Domain Authority(DA). 

Its IP has Medium-Organization Validated Certificates(OV-SSL) for the next 356-days. Diaglu247 used a secured HTTPS protocol and did not get blacklisted. 

Customer reviews:

Ninety-three customer reviews on shopping websites rated GlucoTrust 3.5/5-stars. Click here to learn about PayPal scams, as five website reviews about Diaglu247 com Diabetes were negative. No individual reviews about Diaglu247 were found on customer review websites or social media.

One YouTube and five website reviews about GlocoTrust were positive. Diaglu247 showcased customer reviews from different platforms. Hence, Diaglu247 does not allow the customer to review and rate the products.

Social media links:

  • Diaglu247.com is not present on social media.
  • Diaglu247 does not support blogging.


Click here to learn about Credit Card scams, as GlucoTrust seems a genuine product, but it was sold on a possibly fraudulent website – Diaglu247.com. Based on poor trust, terrible business scores, and high malware, phishing, and threat profiles, Diaglu247 com Diabetes is possibly a scam and holds high-risk for user’s devices, personal and payment data. Further, Diaglu247 is a young website with short life expectancy.

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