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Envisions Netsol Scam: What Are Envisions Netsol Reviews? Read Here Now!

In the article below, you will find the reality of Envisions Netsol Scam and learn what people have to say about the company.

Have you seen the job opportunity at Envisions Nestol company? Are these job vacancies legit or fake? Why are people calling these job applications as fraud and scams? Recently a scam alert is going viral on social media after a job application announcement on Facebook and LinkedIn by the company Envision Network Solution.

Multiple people from the Philippines have applied for the vacancy at the company and didn’t get any results. As a result, they started calling this opportunity a fake and fraudulent company job offer. Therefore, let’s disclose the complete reality of Envisions Netsol Scam.


Reality of Scam

Envision is a legit company that is directed by the WWE star Shane. However, scammers have initiated a fraud company with a similar name and a few mischievous links. The profile looks so legit that no one could believe it is a fraud company, and its LinkedIn and Facebook offers also grab people’s attention. 

Job applications on Facebook and LinkedIn increased users’ trust, and people started applying for the vacancies. The job responsibilities are regarding data entry as a freelancer. People find a job very appropriate and engaging, earning around $550 per month.

Envisions Netsol Reviews

When people find out that all the pre-payment for a workshop is just a scam, the company is charged as fraudulent. The rage applicants hyped up and started reporting the website and sharing the scam comments in the comment section. After mass reports and immersion fraud comments, LinkedIn and Facebook removed the job profile from their sources.

After the disclosure, people are poking Envision’s original company, which has nothing to do with the fraudulent company. However, the reality of a fake and a legit company is evident in the public’s mind. Additionally, check out the company’s profile and employee reviews before applying for any job.

Envisions Netsol Scam: Social Media Link



Final Verdict

The Envisions Netsol job application looks legit and reliable for multiple employees. However, the company succeeded in committing fraud with numerous applicants. When people find out that, there is no job opportunity in this company and they are charging a pre amount for learning, which is fraud.

According to you, what is the primary aspect that an applicant should consider before applying for any profile? Comment below. 

Envisions Netsol Scam: FAQs

Q1 For which post the job application was released?

Data entry, VA as a freelancer. 

Q2 How many days a week an employee has to work?

Five days a week

Q3 What is the minimum qualification required to apply for an Envision job?

Envision didn’t share information about the minimum qualification requirement.

Q4 Is it necessary to report such fraud and job opportunities?

It is necessary because by reporting, you can terminate the job application, and other applicants can be saved.

Q5 Envisions Netsol Reviews are legit? 

Yes, all the reviews are legit because people share their experiences on LinkedIn.

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