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Cash1k Com Scam: Check Complete Facts Of Cash1k To Know Is cash1K Legit Or Not!

Know complete key facts unavailable elsewhere before using and learn about Cash1K Com Scam.

Many websites are launched regularly in the United Kingdom and the United States that promise easy money. Similarly, betting sites, wealth-creation apps, and websites are legal in the Philippines. While some of them are authentic, others are scams. is one of the newest websites launched that promises to pay huge income from the comfort of your home. Let’s check the features of to know about Cash1K Com Scam.



Cash1K deals in Philippines currency(₱). Cash1K is an unauthentic investment website promising early and huge returns on investment. Recently, a new concept in the crypto market has evolved where celebrities post their videos, and the viewers have to pay to watch the clips.

Cash1K mostly includes trailers of the latest films. The users need to watch the videos to get paid. The earnings are stored in the users Cash1K earning wallet.

Once the user registers on Cash1K, he must pay for different plans. According to membership level, 3 to 18+ minutes of playtime is allocated, considered to check Is cash1K Legit. There are several levels of plans that promise to pay between ₱17.25 to ₱1,552.50+ per day. 

To subscribe to plans, the user has to invest a huge amount of money. For example, to earn ₱1,552.50/day, the user had to pay ₱38,812.50 per year to earn ₱5,58,900 in 365 days. The user needs to complete the task of watching as many shot videos as possible in the allotted playtime.

The legitimacy of is accessible only in a few Southeast Asian countries. Cash1K gained a terrible 1% trust score, a zero business ranking, a poor 7,612,295 Alexa rank, and a terrible 1/100 domain authority score, indicating Cash1K Com Scam. It is a suspicious website with a 23% suspicion score, 92% threat, 50% phishing, 17% malware, and 92% spam score.

Cash1K is not blacklisted and offers a secured connection using HTTPS protocol. Its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 86 days. 

Cash1K was registered on 23rd December 2022 in Reykjavik, the Capital Region of Iceland, a high-risk country. Cash1K is a three days old website. Cash1K has a low life expectancy as its registration will expire within eleven months and 27-days on 23rd-December-2023.

Features determining Cash1K Com Scam:

The contact details and identity of Cash1K owners are censored using services of Withheld for Privacy EHF. Cash1K has a low visitor count. The registrar of Cash1K is popular amongst scammers. Cash1K takes the registration fee and processes withdrawals via Perfect Money, Payeer Wallets, and Cryptocurrency.

Social media links: Cash1K is not present on social media.


The terrible zero business ranking signifies that Cash1K is a Scam. It also supports a referral program that pays huge amounts to members, suggesting that Cash1K is trying to expand its membership program, which is a Cash1K Com Scam. In the past, similar websites became inactive in less than 6-months, leaving no options to recover investor’s money. 

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Cash1K Com Scam – FAQ

1Q. What is the business investment and operational plan of Cash1K?

If Cash1K earns via video sponsorship, why do users need to pay registration fees? Cash1K did not discuss where it invests user’s money.

2Q. Why is it impossible to recover investments if such platforms become inactive?

It utilizes third-party cashless apps, cryptocurrency, and mediating platforms to transfer money. Unlike credit card claims, they do not take up dispute resolutions.

3Q. Is legitimate?

Due to its overall trust, Alexa, DA, and business scores and threat parameters, it is a scam.

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