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Manipur Woman Paraded Original Video: Why Woman Paraded Video Original Get Viral? Is Woman Paraded Video Twitter Trending? Know Facts!

Manipur Woman Paraded Original Video write-up has shared details on the viral clip that was filmed during the ethnic violence in the state.

Is giving privilege because of caste, religion, community and ethnic group creating tension among citizens in India? The state policy of giving reservations based on groups is bleeding Indian states. 

The violence that started in early May 2023 has led to more than 100 deaths in two months. Manipur Woman Paraded Original Video has detail on the clip that is circulating in countries like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.


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Manipur Violence Video Goes Viral:

The Manipur violence erupted on 3rd May 2023 after a community demonstrated against other communities getting scheduled tribe status. The group having scheduled tribe status gets a lot of benefits in government jobs. A disturbing video made during Manipur violence has gone viral on the internet and is attracting strong reactions in Countries like the United Kingdom and the United States.

Woman Paraded Video Original Viral Video on Social Sites:

The disturbing video of a woman being paraded is circulating on sites like Twitter and Reddit. Many keywords related to Manipur violence are trending on social sites, but the paraded video has attracted the attention of netizens Worldwide. Some news suggests that this video was made during the Manipur violence but went viral a few days ago.

The 30 seconds video on Twitter shows a group of men parading two women without clothes. Two females in Woman Paraded Video Twitter appeared to be from the Kuki community. At the same time, the men belonged to the Meiti community, which has a strong presence in the current state government. 

Government Action on Viral Manipur Video:

The video was made during the Manipur violence, and the government restriction on the internet delayed its uploading on social sites. The man seen in the Manipur video is arrested, and the opposition asks for the resignation of stare chief minister Biren Shah. 

Woman Viral Video Social Media Reactions:

The paraded Manipur video has caught the attention of mainstream media as the most well-known media house has reported this unfortunate incident. Many threads on Reddit in a different community have posted links related to this video. 

A post in the Indian community has attracted 41 comments with a 96% upvote. Most netizens have criticized the present political dispensation at the centre and state. 

Viral Video Original Women Narrates 4th May Incident:

The incident happened in the Meiti majority area, twenty kilometres away from the capital city of Manipur. In a statement, the women said that 100 men from the Meiti community entered their village with weapons and started looting. 

Social Media Links:

Final verdict:

The Manipur video has led to an uproar in the Indian parliament as the government and Judiciary call for strict action against the culprit. 

Should Manipur CM resign for failing to control law and order in the state? Please comment.

Manipur Woman Paraded Original Video: FAQs

Q.1 What has the Indian Prime Minister said about the Manipur viral video?

The Indian Prime Minister said the incident is shameful for the country and guilty will be punished. 

Q.2 How many people are reportedly killed in Manipur violence?

Some reports suggest that 130 people have been killed in the Manipur violence.

Q.3 Is Manipur viral video available on the Telegram platform?

Yes, Manipur viral video is available on the Telegram site.

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