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Henry Breckenridge Obituary: Who Was Peabody Police Officer Henry? Also Explore His Full Biography Along With Details Of Age, Parents, Net worth, And Height

The article explains Henry’s death and the reason for his loss. People can obtain more details by reading the Henry Breckenridge Obituary.

An admired Peabody Police Department officer named Henry Breckenridge passed away unexpectedly. Following the obituary, one will find when Henry Breckenridge passed away. What went wrong with him? And the reason for his sorrowful passing. People from the United States are showering their respects to Henry. Know more details by reading the below Henry Breckenridge Obituary.


What do you know about Henry Breckenridge?

Henry Breckenridge lived in Peabody, Essex County, Massachusetts. He was a well-liked police officer and person of the Peabody area. Thomas Gryphon, the director of the division, was his superior.

Henry had an extensive impact on the city, particularly the teenage population. Chief Gryphon said he was considered to be of the sweetest and gentlest guys. He was a commanding policeman with a strong understanding of neighborhood policing. The Biography of Henry was in the article.

About the Obituary of Henry

At this moment, a funeral notice for Henry Breckenridge is unavailable. Several memorials to the deceased police officer have appeared on social media and around the neighborhood. His passing is being mourned as a significant loss for Essex County, Massachusetts, and Peabody. The family is expected to continue offering the services to the locals.

Height Peabody Police Officer Henry

Henry Breckenridge, a Peabody police officer, passed away due to complications after a non-emergency procedure at Salem Hospital. He died away on Wednesday night, and the devastating news of his death was verified on Thursday morning. Henry lost his life at a shortage.

Breckenridge received non-emergency surgery, though Chief Gryphon did not specify what kind of surgery he had done. He added that Henry passed away despite the incredible efforts of the Salem Clinic staff. Parents were in shock after hearing the news.

The town is currently in sorrow over the passing of the adored policeman who touched everyone. Henry’s brief life had a profound impression and will forever be remembered.


  • Name: Henry Breckenridge
  • Birth Place: Peabody, Massachusetts
  • Died on: July 19, 2023
  • Age: Unknown
  • Net worth: Unknown
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Profession: Police Officer

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As per online sources, On Wednesday, July 19, 2023, Peabody police officer Henry Breckenridge passed away in a medical facility. He died when he was in for an operation that wasn’t an emergency. His death was due to complications in the procedure. It was a regrettable incident. Know more details on Henry online.

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FAQ – Henry Breckenridge Obituary

Q1. When did Henry pass away?

Henry died on July 19, 2023.

Q2. What was the cause of Henry’s death?

The cause of death of Henry was due to complications in the operation, which was not an emergency to do.

Q3. Who shared the news of Henry’s death?

Chief Thomas Gryphon shared the sad news of Henry Breckenridge’s passing in an emotional post.

Q4. What was the net worth of Henry?

The net worth of Henry was yet to be discovered.

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