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Govplus TSA Precheck Scam: Explore Complete Reviews Here

We bring to you extensive details about ongoing Govplus TSA Precheck Scam, Reviews to understand how to avoid it.

Do you want to avoid the TSA precheck scam in the United States? Do you know how to identify TSA precheck scam? Would you like to know what is the TSA precheck scam? What is plot of TSA precheck scams? Let’s check the facts of Govplus TSA Precheck Scam.

About TSA Precheck Scam:

Several people in the USA started receiving emails stating that their TSA precheck is pending renewal. The email was sent from other than the official email of Govplus. The email had a link to pretsa-travel-assist website for renewing the TSA precheck. Once the users were on a fraudulent website, it asked for their personal and payment details.

Several users reported that they were charged $149.95 towards the renewal fee! Genuine TSA precheck renewal only costs $70.

Govplus TSA Precheck Reviews:

A few users reported that their TSA precheck enrollment did not expire, as per a review of their Govplus TSA Precheck! But they still received an email reminder. Several such users ended up paying money on the fraudulent website.

The scammer’s email and list of other fake TSA precheck website was not revealed. The users were lured as the website appeared/gave an impression of a genuine TSA precheck website.

TSA precheck is an airport security program initiated by the Transportation Security Administration(TSA). It evaluates travelers and approves a Known Traveler Number(KTN) after an interview. The TSA precheck is valid for 5-years. Its initial enrollment costs $85 and later costs $70 for renewal.

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Avoiding the Govplus TSA Precheck Scam:

It must be noted that there are only three websites where travelers can enroll (or) renew their TSA precheck program. The genuine websites include:

  •, and

All three websites also provide location information of nearby physical TSA precheck outlets where travelers can visit in-person for enrollment and renewal of services. In the case of in-person registration, the traveler can book a slot for their visit.

Any other website claiming to provide TSA precheck enrollment service is unauthentic. The three websites send email notifications to their customers via,, and, respectively. Any email received from other than these addresses is dubious. 

Additional measures to check the status of Govplus TSA Precheck Reviews:

You can also review your TSA precheck services and enrollment status at Therefore, before renewal, the user should make sure about their TSA precheck status on the website. Do not access any links received in unauthentic emails.

The TSA precheck is meant for travelers who do not want to go through the long process of security checks at the airports. Instead of waiting in long queues to get their luggage, physical screening, and personal belongings checked, the traveler can go to TSA precheck outlets available at 200+ airports and 80+ airlines. 

The benefit of avoiding the Govplus TSA Precheck Scam:

Travelers with genuine TSA precheck membership need not remove their belts, shoes, jackets, laptop bags, or three-in-one liquids at the TSA precheck outlet. Therefore, the traveler can expedite their security check.

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Pretsa-travel-assist is a parking domain hosting sponsored links for travel and tour packages. Several other fraudulent websites claim to provide TSA precheck registration and renewal services. Such websites target the personal and payment data of users and may place fraudulent charges on customer’s accounts. Hence, TSA precheck scams and phishing can be avoided by accessing the official website.

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