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{Full Watch} Rosa Peral Video Viral On Twitter: Is Video On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram

Why is Rosa Peral Video Viral on Twitter, Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, and Telegram? Check here. 

Is Rosa Peral’s story true? Why are netizens discussing this topic? Who is Rosa Peral, and what did she do? If you wish to know about Rosa Peral Video Viral on Twitter, follow this article. People from Spain are confused and want to know the facts about this murder mystery case. Let us read Rosa Peral’s case details. 

Rosa Peral & Video Viral on Twitter 

Rosa Peral was a police officer of the municipal police force in Barcelona, Spain. As per sources, she was convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend Rodriguez and conspiring with her then-partner Albert Lopez. As per Youtube trailers, the Netflix series is based on this true assassination crime, which was released on 8th September 2023. In between, a real video of the court trial of Rosa Peral has gone viral on Twitter. 

Disclaimer: This article is based on a true crime story; thus, we have collected data from authentic sources. 

Video de Rosa Peral

As we already discussed above, the video of Rosa facing a court trial has gone viral. Twitter is a place where people discuss various things and incidents, so it is not shocking that netizens on Twitter are talking about this 2017 case when a documentary named ‘Burning Body’ was released on Netflix. 

The topic has been heavily discussed on Reddit and various social media platforms. The people of Spain are still confused because Rosa is pleading for her innocence to date.

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Details Of Rosa Peral Case

In 2017, when the burned body of a police officer named Rodriguez was found in his car, the authorities started to search for evidence and preparator. As per Video de Rosa Peral, this true crime story has everything: a love triangle, revenge, murder, etc. While investigating, police find out about the love triangle between Rosa, Rodriguez (victim), and Albert. Rosa was in an affair with Albert behind her boyfriend Rodriguez’s back (they dated in 2015 and 2016). 

Some Reddit sources suggest they broke up after that, and Rosa was in a relationship is Albert. Their breakup was very bad, and they had arguments. Then, in 2017, suddenly, a burnt body of Rodriguez was found, and the suspicion turned toward Rosa. Although, there was not much direct evidence against Rosa. But the Court convicted her and Albert for 25 years in prison.

Tiktok, Twitter & Social Media Links 

The topic is trending on social media platforms; here are a few links to that discussion:


For the Netflix series, Rosa gave her interviews from inside the prison through video chats. It was the first time she talked and gave an interview. We need help locating Tiktok links for the topic. 

This documentary series has been filmed from the perspective of Rosa in order to understand her side of the story. But it has created some chaos and uproar from the victim’s family. They are not happy with the documentary as it undermines the assassination of their loved one. Instagram is also not available.  


The article today has discussed a brutal killing case, which is now present on Netflix in the form of a documentary. The murder of Rodriguez stirred Rosa and Albert’s life when they were convicted. Rosa is serving her 25-year term in prison. The trailer video is available on Telegram for Burning Body. As per sources, however, Rosa has blamed Albert for killing as the main motivator behind the crime. Rosa stands still in her innocence. This documentary will let you know about Rosa Peral. Click here to learn more details about the documentary.

Have you watched the Rosa Peral Video Viral on Twitter? Please let us know reviews about the series through comments.

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