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Packagerenew Com Scam: Check Detailed Reviews Here

Is Packagerenew Com Scam? Read the Packagerenew com Reviews & more details to understand the credibility

What is Packagerenew? Is this a website for courier services? Is this website legitimate and authentic? How to understand the authenticity of If you are interested in all the details about the Packagerenew com Scam, please read this article properly. People from the United States are trying to understand the authenticity of this website.

Is a Scam or Not?

As the name suggests, this website looks like a courier of package delivery website. However, there are many issues and red flags with this website that we will discuss in the pointers below. 

  • Trust Score of the Domain: It is just 48.2, and it shows the website is dubious.
  • Packagerenew com ReviewsNo reviews or feedback are available. 
  • Website’s Popularity: It is very poor.
  • Domain Registered: 18th September 2023, and it has just been a few hours since the domain has been created.
  • Domain Expiration: It will expire after a valid period of a year.
  • Proximity of being a Suspicious website: It is 35 out of 100.
  • Blacklist Status of the Domain: No
  • Social Media Presence: No social media presence has been detected.
  • Is Packagerenew com Scam? The point worth noting is that the website redirects to the official website of United States Postal Services (USPS).

Hence, the domain has no existence of its own, and it is probably a duplicate or a fake website. After extensive research, we tried to find any traces of a website under this domain name. 

Disclaimer: The given domain is blank; it redirects to an official and authentic website of USPS. Thus, we have explained the details of the domain and will summarise a few online reports about 

Packagerenew com Reviews & Details

As we already discussed, the domain has no website, and it is working just as a redirecting link. It is bogus and most likely a scam. They will message any person on their mobile regarding a package delivery and will ask the readers to follow a few steps. 

Although, few articles depicted the nature of this website as fraudulent and untrustworthy. Does it conclude that Packagerenew com Scam? The answer is that it is probably a website that may have been created with deceitful motives, but it does not work. 

Details on United States Postal Services 

USPS is the website where the above-discussed domain redirects. Let us know a few details about this website. 

  • URL:
  • Trust Score: The trust metric of USPS is 100.
  • Domain Creation Date: it was created on 10th July 1997.
  • Reviews & Feedback: It is a legit and active postal website.
  • Service Provided: Postal services across America and more.
  • Unlike the Packagerenew com Scam, this is the official website of a postal/courier service. 
  • It has a social media presence with thousands of followers. 
  • The website has been designed in an organized and detailed manner. Get more details on Paypal scam.


Through today’s article, we have tried to ascertain the legitimacy of a website named ‘’ The domain is blank; it works only as a redirect link. Packagerenew com Reviews present on the internet have told us about the fraudulent motives of this website. We recommend our readers not to follow any steps asked in the text message. The URL redirects to the official website of the U.S. Postal Services. Know more details on Credit card scam. For details about How this scam works? Click here and learn more.

Have you ever come across If yes, then please mention your experience with the Packagerenew com Scam in the comments.

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