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Taco Bell Credit Card Scam: Does This Has Relation With Power Bowl Nutrition & Free Delivery?

This article has covered a worker who was accused of a Taco Bell Credit Card Scam. Also, get details about Power Bowl Nutrition and Free Delivery.

Disclaimer: This article is about a credit card scam for informal purposes, and we do not intend to mislead the readers. Information available in this article is collected from reliable sources.

What scam did Taco Bell do?

Recently, police took a Taco Bell employee named Trevell Mosby for scamming people with their credit card information. Mosby was caught by a couple when they saw an unrealistic amount deducted from their bank account. They remember Mosby from their previous interaction during their checkout.

They complained to the cops about the incident and told the whole scenario they faced at the Taco Bell. They showed proof of bank statements, and Mosby has been tricking them every time they visit that place. 

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Information about Taco Bell Power Bowl Nutrition

  • Taco Bell has a Chicken Bowl that is nutritious and famous among health enthusiasts.
  • It contains 470 counts of calories, which is perfect for people looking for something to fill them up with decent calories amount.
  • This chicken nutrients bowl has carbohydrates and fat of 15 and 18 grams, which will keep you active without getting lazy.
  • Through Taco Bell Power Bowl Nutrition voting system, it was observed that 80% of the Taco Bell customers mentioned this Bower Bowl as Healthy and nutritious.
  • 96% of the customers found the cowl tasty according to their taste palette. 

Taco Bell Free Delivery Criteria and Benefits

If you love to eat Tacos and Wraps from Taco Bell, then you can opt for free delivery by getting the Subscription to the food delivery app. From there, you can get free delivery and several coupons to get the food in a minimum amount. By getting a subscription, people can get access to free delivery from several food chains. 

You can also visit the Taco Bell website and see the recent offer, where you will get an offer to place an order above the specified amount to get free delivery. Apart from free delivery, many crazy and mouthwatering deals attract customers to Taco Bell. If you want to explore Taco Bell Free Delivery deals in detail, then you can visit the Taco Bell app.

How did an Oregon cashier loot a Taco Bell customer?

During checkout, Trevell Mosby used to ask customers for their credit cards, and during that time, he used to collect all their Credit card details. If a customer asks why it’s taking so long, then he used to say that he is facing a problem with their credit card or it’s not working properly.

When a couple noticed that it only took time when Mosby was their cashier as they used to visit that outlet regularly, they found it quite suspicious and when $700 was deducted from their bank, all the dots got connected, and Mosby was caught.

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Customers appreciate Taco Bell Power Bowl Nutrition deals, but this scam has made people persistent about the brand and their workers. Police are collecting all the data from Mosby of his deceptions and the amount he has deducted from their account.

Do you think Taco Bell will now look for their customer’s security? Comment below.

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