Arvin California School: Read About Arvin High School Bullying Video, Its Reviews, And Football Team Details, Also Know Where Is Arvin High School!

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This article provides entire details about Arvin California School and further details about the viral bullying video. Follow our blog for the latest updates.

Have you noticed the recent bullying video getting viral on the internet? Are you aware of the school receiving backlash after the viral video? If not, you have just visited the right blog to get all the details. The school is receiving criticism from the public after the bullying video went viral. This has become the most viral news in the United States.

Today in this article, we will cover the entire detail of the Arvin California School bullying video. Follow the blog below.


Details on the Viral Bullying video:

The recent video on bullying a student at Arvin High School has become the talk of the town. In that viral video, a student of Arvin High school was bullied by his classmates to shave his hair. The boy was shaving his hair and became bald. At the same time, the other classmates were recording the video and laughing at him. It was also noticed in that viral video that the boy was shaving his hair and wiping his tears.

Such Bully could not be tolerated, and after the Arvin High School Bullying Video went viral, people started blaming the school for its misconduct.

Child’s mother’s response to the viral video:

The school student’s video from his classmate went viral on the internet. The students belonged to Arvin High School. As soon as the video went viral, the school received online backlash from the public.

To discuss the victim’s mother starring, Flor Santiago, responded to the viral video saying that she wants the school to take action against the classmates who bullied her child. So that no such incident takes place in the future. The victim’s mother also said that her child loved to keep long hair while he took proper care of it.    

Arvin High School Reviews:

The recent bullying incident that took place in Arvin High School is getting viral quite a lot. The public is blaming the school for its misconduct. However, the school has received a four-star rating along with positive reviews from people. At the same time, the school’s ranking is around #8114 in the National school ranking. 

After the student’s bullying video went viral, people were willing to know Where Is Arvin High School? The school is located at 900 Varsity Rd, Arvin, CA 93203, United States. The schools have a good rating on online sites.

Further details on Student’s Bulling video:

The bullying video shows that a student of Arvin High School was bullied by his classmates. He was said to shave his hair. The video showed that the boy was in tears while shaving his hair and getting bald while his classmates were making fun of him and recording the video. The public instantly reacted to the video after the video went viral.

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Summing up:

To know more about the bullying video, press this video link.

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Arvin High School Football: FAQ-

Q.1 Did the viral bullying video student belong to Arvin High School? 

Answer: Yes, the students belonged to Arvin High School.

Q.2 Is Arvin school in Week 10 high school football?

Answer: Yes, Arvin high school is in Week 10 high school football happening in the county. 

Q.3 What was the student asked to do by his classmate?

Answer: The student was asked to shave his hair. 

Q.4 What was the public reaction to that bullying video?

Answer: The public started criticizing the school. 

Q.5 What is Arvin High School’s rating?

Answer: The school has a 4star rating.

Q.6 What is the ranking of the school?

Answer: The ranking of the school is #8114.

Q.7 Whom did the public blame for the Bully?

Answer: Arvin High school was blamed for this bullying video.

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