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Arrested Parag Agrawal: Was He Prisoned for Child Porn? Find Unknown Facts Here!

Read the article to get authentic detail about Arrested Parag Agrawal, before making any opinion about the viral news, and do more research.

Do you know who Parag Agrawal is? Recently he has been the centre of attraction due to a piece of sarcastic viral news related to him. However, the news is fake, but social media users are discussing it. The news has gone viral in many countries like- Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and India.

The rumor that Arrested Parag Agrawal social media has flooded with critics. We will research the news about the former CEO of Twitter, Parag Agarwal.


Why is Parag Agarwal in the news?

The news is that Parga Agrawal has been arrested for having child abuse images and gone viral after a warning from Elon Musk.

However, this is fake news that the former CEO of Twitter, Parag Agrawal, has been arrested; this rumour was spread by the website Vancouver Times. After the news went viral, internet users criticized Parag Agrawal.

Parag Agrawal Arrested for Child Porn


Parag Agrawal Arrested for Child Porn

On this fake news of arresting renowned personalities, people are retweeting; however, Vancouver is a ridiculous site. The news says that the former executive was arrested from his home in California, as revealed by the FBI.

However, this news is fake, but few social media users believe in the news and constantly post criticizing comments on this post. Social media users are calling Parag Agarwal a pedophile.

The news has been destroying the Image of a responsible citizen, and people continue to flow this news on various internet platforms.

Arrested Parag Agrawal

Parag Agarwal posts the news of that child-abusing content on the Vancouver site. Even they also posted that he has arrested from his home.

The Vancouver Times also mentioned that he plans to plead not guilty, and his lawyer said he might be released on bail.

On Twitter, this news is also posted, and people will believe it even if they are not thinking about it. Even users are not waiting for any official comment from Parag Agarwal. Users already believed the news of Parag Agrawal Arrested for Child Porn

However, after most of the criticizing comments over the post of the former executive, one of the users has clarified that the news is fake and Vancouver is not an authentic website. He has requested users that stop criticizing the person without any relevant proof.

Quick wiki of Parag Agrawal-

Official name Parag Agarwal
Date of Birth 21st May ,1984
Born in Ajmer, India
Nationality American, Indian
Parag Agarwal trending due to The news Arrested Parag Agrawal
Mother profession She is a retired Economics professor
Father profession His father was a senior official in the Indian Department of Atomic Energy
Marital status Married
Name of spouse Vineeta Agarwal
School/High School Completed higher secondary at Atomic Energy Junior College, Mumbai.



Education Qualification Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (BTech)
Stanford University (MS, PhD)

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We have studied the viral news and got it is fake news that is the work of a ridiculous website.

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Arrested Parag Agrawal-FAQs-

Q1. Who is Parag Agrawal?

Ans- He is a former CEO of Twitter.

Q.2 What is his parent’s name?

Ans- Unknown.

Q.3 How many kids have Parag Agrawal?

Ans- He has two kids.

Q.4 What does his wife, Vineeta Agrawal do?

Ans- She observes patients at Stanford as an assistant clinical professor in the Division of Primary Care and Population Health.

Q.5 When Parag Agrawal joined Twitter as a CEO?

Ans-In November 2021.

Q.6 When has he left the post of CEO on Twitter?

Ans- Elon Musk finalized his merger with the company on October 27, 2022, and Agrawal was fired as CEO.

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