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Mp3dk Scam: Check Hidden Facts On Mp3dk Sms To Know Is mp3dk.Com Legit Or A Scam!

Read complete facts unavailable about to know about recent messages and learn if is Mp3dk Scam.

Did you know that several users reported receiving scam text messages from from 24th-December-2022 in Denmark? What was the message about? Is the website accessible? What does the scam message aims at? What are the reviews posted about the scam message? Did you receive a message from and like to know its authenticity?

In this article, we bring you exclusive reviews to know about the Mp3dk Scam.


About was earlier registered as a website hosting unauthorized songs from Asia. But, the domain registration expired, and the URL was registered/allotted to CizgiTelecomunikasyonAnonimSirketi recently on 19th-December-2022. The IP address of points out to Istanbul in, Turkey.

Several people from Denmark reported receiving a text message stating their Mp3DK subscription would be auto-renewed for Kr.150/week. The message included a link to terminate the subscription by clicking on Mp3DK .com/e6DdVWK. Hence, the message is a scam. was accessed in Asia in early 2012 and shared on Mp3SongsDK Facebook pages. is a website selling men’s clothing. It is unascertainable if mp3dk Sms (or) is affiliated with

Four users posted reviews on TrustPilot that the message was a hoax. Currently, is not directly accessible.

The link Mp3DK .com/e6DdVWK, mentioned in the scam message, pops up a 404 error page, which signifies that the webpage does not exist (or) has been removed.

The legitimacy of is a 7-days old website. Its registration country is unknown. However, its IP points to,, and being hosted on The IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 364 days, considered to check about Mp3dk Scam. has a short life expectancy as its registration will expire within 11-months and 23-days on 19th-December-2020.

Mp3DK gained 42% phishing, 30% malware, 9% suspicion, and 52% threat and spam scores. Evidently, due to high spam scores, people are receiving unwanted text messages. Mp3DK gained an awful zero Alexa ranking and a poor visitor count.

Though Mp3DK is not blacklisted and uses a secured HTTPS protocol, it gained a terrible 1% trust score and a Zero business ranking. Evidently, due to a zero business ranking, the website holds high risk for payment transactions and users payment data, cluing about Is mp3dk.Com Legit.

Social media links: is not present on social medai. However, we ascertained Mp3DK posts on Facebook from 2012. The links are given below.



Conclusion: gained terrible trust, business, DA, Alexa ranking and 1/5 stars from four user reviews. Further, it is a high-risk website due to its overall threat profile. Mp3DK messages create urgency by stating a subscription fee of Kr.150 towards auto deducted. It indicates the scammer’s plot to obtain users PII and payment details. Scammers can use it for payment fraud (or) sell it on the internet for money.

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Mp3dk Scam – FAQ

1Q. Why did the text message inform you about the subscription fee and termination link?

It is an old form of plot used by scammers to create urgency for clicking the link and entering PII to initiate termination. It is an old form of plot used by scammers.

2Q. Who owns

The owner’s identity and contacts are censored using the services of Birhost Network.

3Q. Is it safe to access

No, it is unsafe. Therefore, never enter any personal and payment details on

4Q. Where can your report phishing attempts and Mp3dk Scam?

You may dial 112 to report it to the Danish police.

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