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Emily Maynard Wikipedia: How Old Is She? Know About Hre Kids, Family, Children, Wedding & Net Worth!

In today’s article, we will give you brief details on Emily Maynard Wikipedia and her personal and professional life.

Are you searching for Wikipedia information on Emily Maynard? Do you want to know her details? Today we will inform you about the personal and professional details of Emily. People are curious to find all the essential details of Emily Maynard.

She is one of the most popular actresses in Canada and the United States. She is famous for the American Web series The Bachelorette. Here you can find brief information on Emily Maynard Wikipedia and her achievements.


Why are people looking for Emily Maynard?

The prime star of the series Bachelorette Emily recently gave birth to a boy. The newborn baby was diagnosed with down syndrome. Emily has been part of multiple controversies in her lifespan. She married multiple men and had six children. 

And people learn about the sixth child, along with down syndrome. Everyone was eager to get to know about Emily and her personal life. Emily’s relations became part of an attraction for the readers.

How Old Is Emily Maynard?

Emily was born on 1st February 1986. She is 36 years old and living in West Virginia. You can also fetch more information about Emily from her Instagram account

Emily Maynard Net Worth.

Emily has an average net worth of $5 million. The major source of her net worth is the ABC reality show in which she works. Emily is dating 25 men in this series. She was last seen in The Bachelorette Season 8.

Emily Maynard Status
Full Name Emily Gibson Maynard 
Profession  Actress 
Birthday  1 February 1986
Children  Ricki, Jenning, Gibson, Gatlin, Nola and Jones.
Age 36
Zodiac Sign  Aquarius
Marital Status  Married to Tyler Johnson 
Nationality American 
Birthplace  West Virginia, US

Married Life


Married Life

Emily was engaged to Ricky Hendrick from 2002 to 2004. Afterwards, she got engaged to Brad Womack from the show bachelorette from 2010 to 2011. 

Now finally, she’s been engaged to Tylor Johnson since 2012. Her Wedding is a bigger controversy on social media and part of the gossip for her fans.

Social Handles

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Emily Maynard’s Family

There is no information about Emily’s parents. However, she’s shifted to family life apart from the film industry. We will inform you once we get more information about her proceedings in the film industry.


Emily Maynard’s personal life is the subject of gossip for many people. However, she is proceeding and is happy with her newborn baby.

Have you seen any episodes of The Bachelorette? Comment below. You can get details of Emily Maynard’s IMDB rating.

Emily Maynard Wikipedia: FAQs

Q1 Emily took part in which season of The Bachelorette?

Season 8

Q2 How many boyfriends/husbands do Emily have?

She was engaged to Ricky and Brad earlier. Currently, she is engaged to Tyler Johnson.

Q3 Does Emily have social media?

Yes, you can find Emily’s Instagram, Facebook Twitter handle.

Q4 How many children did Emily have with Tyler?

Emily gave birth to 5 children with Tyler.

Q5 Who is Emily’s eldest child?

Ricky (Girl) is Emily’s eldest child.

Q6 What is the total number of Kids Emily has?

She has a total of 6 children.

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