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Zodiacs Crypto {Dec 2021} How to Buy? Contract Address

There are many rumors in the crypto world, but this article on Zodiacs Crypto is meant to provide you unbiased info about the crypto in the news.

Do you like car racing? But feeling something is missing because of lack of opportunity to experience any live car race of your favorite players? If that is the case with you and you cannot play any similar thrill-giving game in the digital world, too, then stay with this article on Zodiacs Crypto, where you most probably will find your joys. As per some estimates, this non-fungible game is making news in Brazil-like countries.

If yes, you are interested, and then you must be restless to get other important details on Zodiacs.

What are Zodiacs?

It is a non-fungible blockchain-based game and provides opportunities to the users to play and earn or work on the system of play-to-earn. In the Zodiacs game, players make different NFT cars and sell them to their competitors or other players. These NFT cars are designed so that they contain various signs of twelve zodiacs that at the time sell or purchase determine Zodiacs Crypto worth. And also, different other parts of the cars act as NFTs equipped with some special characters. Some Zodiacs racing cars with their characteristics are as follows:

  • The Rat; Cautious and Scrupulous; Wheelie; Represent for a good starting.
  • The Buffalo; Enduring and Persevering; Circle; Symbolize for abundance, peace and sustainability.
  • The Tiger, Reckless and Brave; High Chart; symbolize anger, stubbornness, adventure and risk-taking.
  •  The Rabbit; fast and politic; Seat Stander Wheelie; Symbolize patience, gentleness, and agility.
  • The Dragon; Glacial and Steadfast; Frog Wheelie; Symbolize for power and royalty.

And there are some other types of Zodiacs cars for the players.

Who found Zodiacs Crypto?

Zodiacs have a team of five leaders headed by the Zodiacs NFT, Kevin Doan. Apart from its group of innovative leaders, Zodiacs also has a rich network of partners who themselves are well-established in their domain. 

Zodiacs Price Stats:

  • Current Price: $0.09134
  • Market Cap: $1,897,885.
  • Market Rank: 2819
  • 24 h low/ 24 h high: $0.08054 /$0.145
  • 30 day low/30 day high: $0.01065 /$0.1542
  • All-time low/high: $0.01065/$0.1542
  • Volume/Market Cap: 10.62  
  • Price Change in 24 hours: $0.009074
  • Market dominance:  0.00%
  • Fully diluted market cap: $1,897,884.70
  • Maximum supply: 21,000,000 ZDC 
  • Trading volume in 24h for Zodiacs Crypto: $20,150,533.10
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 ZDC
  • Circulating supply: 21,000,000 ZDC

Advantages of Zodiacs Purchase:

As per our research on Zodiacs, ZDC could be a better option for car race lovers. Some of the benefits of the ZDC crypto could be as follows:

  • Dual opportunity for digital gamers to enjoy playing while earning.
  • Investors can get higher growth of their money, as NFT gaming is the future of gaming.
  • The well-organized team behind the project can be credible for long-term investors.
  • As mentioned on the site, the rich network of partners and all-inclusive roadmap indicates the clarity of ZDC’s vision.

Zodiacs Crypto Purchasing Process:

You may find the ZDC crypto listed over another platform, yet if you would like to go with an official producer, then please follow the below-given steps.

  • Step1: Create your MetaMask wallet.
  • Step2: Add some BNBs to the wallet.
  • Step3: Connect the wallet to PancakeSwap.
  • Step4: Start BNB to ZDC swapping.

Note: Some of the above-given steps may vary with the wallet.


 Q1. What is the contract address of ZDC?

Ans. 0x5649e392a1bac3e21672203589adf8f6c99f8db3.

Q2. Why are Zodiacs in the news?

Ans. Because of Zodiacs’ new racing time adjustment.

The Final Remarks:

To conclude, the car racing interests many investors in that way if they want to earn from this interest, Zodiacs Crypto could be an option to go with, yet expert’s discretion is advised. 

If the info helped you, please let us know your feedback in the comment box.

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