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Avapay Token (Dec) Price, Contract Address, Prediction

Please go through this composition to get complete details about the Avapay Token, including its place of purchase and available statistical information.

Do you have a deep interest in cryptocurrency? Do you regularly surf the Net to know the latest crypto updates? Have you recently heard of Avapay and want to know its specifications? Then, please read this account without further ado to get all information about this crypto.

In today’s write-up, we have discussed a recent crypto project, which traders in several nations, especially the United States, want to explore. Thus, please continue reading to know all essential details about the Avapay Token

What is Avapay?

Avapay is a crypto project based on the Avax blockchain that aims to benefit its holders even when the market is not satisfactory. It distributes its stored surplus values in USD crypto coins (USDC) to yield its members so that they do not incur losses when the token does not undergo high trades in the marketplace. The token acquires its extra dividends by applying charges on the transactions.

Founder of Avapay Coin

We could not find the details about the founder of this crypto token.

Price of the Avapay Token Today

The real-time trading of this token has not commenced yet. Therefore, there is no fixed price for this coin. Once the actual exchanges start and the token is listed on the analytical websites, you can know its current price. 

Avapay Coin Supply / Market Supply

As mentioned above, the actual trading of this coin has not yet begun as the developers have launched it recently in the marketplace. However, users have started investing in it and based on the transactions, please find some particulars below that we retrieved from the Net.

  • Number of Holders of the Avapay Token – 3,041 addresses
  • Number of Transfers – 32,654
  • Total Supply – 1,000,000,000,000,000 AVAPAY

Other statistical information like market cap, all-time high and low, 24-hour trading volume, etc., shall be available shortly when the token is listed on the crypto analytical portals.

How to Purchase the Avapay Coin?

The team has made this token available for purchase on the Avalanche network with the help of the TraderJoe Dex platform. 

  • Visit the official platform of this coin to find the Buy Now link that redirects to the TraderJoe Decentralized Exchange portal.
  • Go to Trade and find the Swap window to exchange the Avapay Token.
  • The trading pair will be automatically set to AVAX/AVAPAY.
  • Select the number of tokens you would like to exchange and click on Connect Wallet.
  • Select your installed wallet from the dropdown menu and conclude your purchase.

Frequently Answered Questions?

Q1. How does this token yield its holders even when its market is low?

A1. The team has applied charges on the coin’s transactions, and the taxes are stored in its smart contract. Thus, even when the market is low, they distribute these dividends among its community members to safeguard them from losses.

Q2. What is the smart contract address of the Avapay Token?

A2. The smart contract address of this coin is 0x3f3fea5dd9b1940c2ee4822d7b7a06f19d58656e on the Avalanche blockchain.

Q3. Is this token available on social media?

A3. Yes. You can find the latest updates about the Avapay coin on social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram.

The Concluding Thoughts

According to Avapay coin’s Twitter page , many users are showing interest in this token due to its rewarding nature, even during market fluctuations. However, you should read How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency 2021 before investing in this project. 

Do you plan to invest in the Avapay Token? Please share your views in the comments section below. 

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