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Gthc Token {Dec} A Platform To Promote Online Gaming!

This article describes a gaming token that provides a platform for collaboration among investors, gamers and developers. Read on Gthc Token.

Are you looking for innovative gaming tokens? If yes, you are at the right place to know about a token developed to promote more online gaming activities with the help of advanced blockchain technologies.

Investors, traders and crypto enthusiasts Worldwide are looking to find more gaming industry-based projects. The demand for gaming and gaming-related activities witnessed a massive surge following the pandemic as more people saw it as a great tool to reduce anxiety and stress. Read on Gthc Token.

About Thetan Coin (THC)

The main objective of Thetan Coin is to provide a platform that helps to connect crypto token owners with streamers and gamers. The connection among these three major groups helps create a highly productive gaming ecosystem for sharing, gaming and peer-to-peer exchange.

The Thetan arena develops an entertaining and attractive online gaming environment for the gamers to participate in different gaming related activities for a longer duration. The collaboration of this gaming platform with major streaming platforms helps the gamers to stream their live gaming videos.

Gthc Token

  • Gamers can utilize Thetan gem($THG) and Thetan Coin (THC) to reward other online steamers.
  • Using these gaming tokens, the gaming video content reaches many game viewers, increasing the gamer’s popularity.
  • Wolffun is the company behind the development of this innovative gaming platform.
  • The games available on the platform are diversified into multiple genres such as adventure, action, teamwork, interaction, etc., to name a few.
  • The use of blockchain technology helps to provide valuable features such as transparency, security, decentralization and freedom.

Market Capitalization

There is no market data available of Gthc Token like Current Price, Market Cap, Total Supply and Trading volume etc. Also circulating supply information is not available.

Founders and Team

  • Khanh Nguyen is the CEO/Founder and the Head of Game Design.
  • Tri Pham is the Blockchain Advisor.
  • Dung Phan is the company’s CMO.
  • Danny Doan is the COO and Blockchain Economy Design Head.
  • Tuan Tran is the Blockchain Engineer Lead.
  • Hoang SO is the CTO and Co-founder of Wolffun Game.
  • Toko is the CFO and Co-founder of Wolffun Game.
  • Duc Dinh is the Game Performance Manager associated with Gthc Token.
  • Dai Quoc is the Art Leader of Wolffun Game.

Where to Buy THC?

  • Visit the official Thetan Arena marketplace.
  • Connect your wallet with the platform. Users without wallets can create a wallet on Trustwallet or MetaMask.
  • Once the wallet is connected, the user needs to load the wallet with WBNB tokens.
  • Make sure your wallet has enough WBNB tokens for a successful purchase.
  • The WNB tokens available in your wallet can be used to purchase various products available in Thetan Arena.


Q1: How can someone earn THC?

A1: The user can earn Gthc Token by playing battles, completing various quests, and the users are rewarded based on their rankings. THC reward entirely depends on the skills and contribution provided by the user.

Q2: What is the utility case of THC?

A2: THC can be used to purchase Thetan Box, a source for the Hero of the complete Arena system and THC is used to reward the streamers for their valuable effort.


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