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Yexel Mikee Scam: Read Genuine Guided Legit Reviews Now!

The following post will discuss the Yexel Mikee Scam and people’s Reviews on this scam.

Do you know the famous social media influencer and street dancer Yexel Mikee? Do you learn why they are currently trending on the internet? Are you aware of the investment scam related to him and his wife? If you are also curious about the answers to these questions, this post is significant for you.

The post is entirely related to the recent trending investment scam in the Philippines and how this couple is associated with this scam. So, read the Yexel Mikee Scam post till the end to find all the details about this hot topic.

What is the Yexel Mikee Scam?

Recently, a significant scam happened in the Philippines in which the Yexel Sebastian name was dragged. The scam is named the P200-million investment scam against millions of OFWs (overseas Filipino workers). The famous former Streetboys dancer and Toy collector Yexel Sebastian was involved in this scam. However, it is not confirmed whether Yexel and his wife are involved in the Yexel Mikee Scam.

On October 10, Tuesday The Bureau of Immigration confirmed that the couple had left the country and flown to Japan. Yexel Sebastian’s wife, Mikee Agustin, is a former Pinoy Big Brother housemate. However, no official departure orders are held against Yexel and his wife.

What are Yexel Mikee Reviews on the internet? 

According to the information available on the internet, we have yet to find any relevant details on the Reviews on Yexel Mikee. Still, we will let you know as soon as we know further information about Yexel Mikee Reviews. So, please stay connected with our updated post.

Did Yexel Sebastian react to this scam news?

Since the news of Yexel Sebastian and his wife Mikee Agustin’s scam came into focus, Yexel reacted to the ongoing news. On Thursday, October 12, Yexel posted a warning post on his Facebook page in which he said, “FAKE NEWS po ito,”. In the post, he said this is fake news and spreads false information.

In the post, he said there is no lawsuit against him and his wife claiming their involvement in the scam. Further, he confirmed that they flew to Japan last October 9 and shared a post from Von Seki to the people who called the couple scammers.

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How do people react to the Yexel Mikee Scam?

Since the Yexel Mikee scam came into the news, it became one of the most talked about topics on the internet, with dozens of people’s reactions. These are multiple reactions full of negative, brutal and trolling.

Some people claimed that the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and Sen. Raffy Tulfo have offered a reward for sharing the couple’s location in Japan. However, some claim that the scammer cheated the couple and invested their hard-earned money in the Ponzi scheme, which promised to offer them interest a year later. However, for further details on Yexel Mikee Reviews, check out the social media links given below.

Social Media Links-


BI confirms Yexel Sebastian flight to Japan amid $200m investment scam – CNN Philippines
byu/magic-kangkong inPhilippines



Yexel Sebastian and his wife are involved in an investment scam, but the details are not confirmed yet. Though Yexel dismissed the news and asked the people not to spread the fake news.

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