Scam Online Website Reviews Scam: Read Creaful Legit Reviews About The Website!

The article will inform the readers about the Scam and the Reviews people gave it on the Internet.

Do you love when you don’t have to pay for shipping? If you are one of those who don’t like to pay for shipping, then has come to the rescue. 

People from Canada, United States, and worldwide are coming across Pop-Ups from and want to know if it is a Scam or a legit one. And is it safe to use it?

What is the Scam?

As clear from its name, is a website that claims to help people reimburse their shipping cost or return amount through their profile. They claim that if anyone pays shipping charges on their online purchases, they can request a refund of $100.

The only catch is that the user can only reimburse $100 each month, which is a fair amount, but Shipmentsfree’s service needs to be more realistic and realistic. Reviews of people

There are 3598 mixed reviews from customers who have used their services. Most of the reviews are positive, but there are negative reviews, too, which has made people suspicious of them.

Going through the reviews, with the Refund feedback, they also got the reviews for food delivery, which is something other than what this website claims as it is for getting refunds on shipments, not a food chain. Reviews on bank details

  • Many people raised their concerns and said that mixed reviews are suspicious to them.
  • A user commented that they have been trying to stop the account for the last three months as their money is getting deducted. They also told the website not to take more of her money.
  • Some people also claim that this website is stealing their customer’s information by giving others their card details in exchange for money. Reviews of refund policy

  • The customer has to make an account on their website and can apply for free trailers for approx. 15 days. If they liked the service, then they can take their plan.
  • Giving them the legit proof of the purchase is compulsory. The refund limit is $100 monthly
  • directs them to submit and claim their refund.
  • They only give refunds through checks, which they send via USPS to every customer. Reviews on offers

  • The website claims people can get up to $10 monthly cashback on their Lyft and Uber rides.
  • They offer grocery perks where customers can get $12 monthly cashback on grocery delivery fees and services.
  • If customers want to take a rental truck, the website will help them by saving them $50.
  • Although they have jotted down every detail about themselves, there is no legitimate proof that the website is not a scam. Reviews on people’s comments

Although this website has positive reviews, there are negative and misleading reviews. People are advised not to share card details with suspicious platforms, which can lead to money fraud.

Always do proper website checks from your side to keep yourself away from scammers who can easily take your money. Read here to get some tips to save money from PayPal Scams.

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Conclusion Reviews need to be more accurate and realistic, and people should do their complete research before believing any unknown websites. Read here to get points to save yourself from Credit Card scams.

Should people share their card details with any unverified websites? Comment below.

Disclaimer- We do not defame any website or services. This article is based on the information present online to let readers know about trending sites.

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