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Yexel Sebastian Scam: Details On Wife Mikee Agustin, And Brother

We bring to you extensive details of Yexel Sebastian Scam, his wife Mikee Agustin, and Brother Jam Sebastian to learn about his cashless scheme.

Did you know about X-Deal, offered a few years ago by a Worldwide famous YouTuber, Yexel? What was the X-Deal about? Why was X-Deal criticized? What happened in the personal life of Yexel during the tough time of X-Deal criticism?

Let’s check the details of Yexel Sebastian Scam.

About Yexel Sebastian Scam:

Yexel Fernando Sebastian is a famous YouTuber from Las Pinas. He also claims to have the largest Optimus Prime bust in Asia. Yexel has a collection of 50K toys and 900 life-size statues. Yexel owns a toy museum in Alabang for which he had spent 8 million pesos. Yexel was born on 12th/March/1982. He is 41-years, 6-months, and 25-days old.

Yexel Sebastian and Mikee Agustin offer:

The Yexel Scam refers to an offer posted by him on his Facebook page. The offer was referred to as X-Deal (or) EX-Deal. Yexel stated in his FB post that he want to enter into a contract with an interested party who are willing to provide construction services in exchange for Yexel’s promotional services. Yexel did not disclose what offers he has for the construction service providers.

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Yexel Sebastian Wife featured in his video:

In a video post, Yexel was seen in front of a single-stored house under construction, showing Agustin and their kid peeping out of the window. Hence, it is speculated that he was referring to getting the construction completed without the exchange of money.

But, Mikee Agustin, Yexel’s girlfriend, took to social media stating that the couple had ended their relationship on 21st/February/2019. Yexel Sebastian and Mikee Agustin had a kid. 

Soon, his X-Deal attracted criticism in 2019. People started commenting on his post, stating that he has money to buy toys but does not offer money to pay construction workers. The construction workers were in a rage as accepting the deal meant paying for machinery, wages for labor, transportation, Etc. It looked impractical for a construction company to work for a deal that does not pay money. 

Criticism of Yexel Sebastian Scam schemes:

Even if the construction company benefits from Yexel’s X-Deal promotion, they have to pay for materials, machinery, equipment, wages for labor, transportation, Etc. Hence, people started claiming that Yexel’s scheme was a scam. However, Agustin, on a social media post about their breakup, stated that god may have different paths for them and feels sorry for any trouble caused as Yexel Sebastian Wife.

Amid the situation, Yexel’s ex-girlfriend Iwa Moto admitted that Yexel had offered her to invest in FrancSwiss. She stated that Yexel promptly admitted that everyone knows about investment scams, but you get easy money. She stated that Yexel was also a victim of such networking scams.

Yexel had a younger brother, Jam Vhille Fernando Sebastian, who was born on 20th/March/1986. Yexel Sebastian Brother Jam was an actor, YouTuber, and internet personality. He was suffering from stage-4 cancer and passed away at the age of 28-years, 11-months, and 12-days on 4th/March/2015.

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Yexel deleted his X-Deal FB post. But, later, stated that his offer was misinterpreted. He meant a deal where both parties could benefit, but people treated it as exploitation and hated it as per sources. He did not have a low opinion of construction professionals, but he was referring to hiring them at a discount. However, people didn’t believe him, and gossip about the Yexel scam still continues.

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