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Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Imgur: Check Twitter & Reddit Links For Current Update on Photos or Pics!

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Have you come across the most trending news of Wisconsin university leaked photo news? Do you know what the photos and videos contain? Are you curious to know the current status of this news? 

Well, after the pictures speeded all over the internet, the female players of the Wisconsin team started facing harassment and taunts for the same. To know the depth of this popular news that is recently trending Worldwide, give read now. To learn more on the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Imgur news, read till the end


Details of the Wisconsin university leaked photo incident.

The private part videos and photos of the Wisconsin team girls were leaked on 19th Oct 2022. But this didn’t shatter the girls as the Michigan match was scheduled on 20th Oct 2022, the day after the incident occurred. 

The girls managed to win over their opponents. The leaked video was captured back in 2021 in December after their win against Nebraska. The female captured those pictures in the locker room while celebrating their win. Those sensitive videos and Photos were leaked and circulated all over social media platforms.

UW and UWPD’s reaction to the incident

Once the pictures were all over the social media sites, the female players who were being victimized started receiving clips of the pictures, disrespectful messages, taunts etc. Thus, many female players were traumatized and decided to inform the Wisconsin University authority. 

The UW, instant after receiving the information, acted swiftly and posted informative content on their Twitter profile. The post stated that the UW athletic knew about the leaked photos and videos. 

The leaked Pics violate the student’s privacy and criminal statutes as well. The UWPD – Madison police department is also investigating this matter to help the students find the culprits. The link for the above post is shared below in the conclusion section. Interested readers can have a look.

Twitter responses on Wisconsin Volleyball team leaked pictures

After the leaked images got viral on social media platforms, various news channels and media persons started sharing updates on the leaked video incident. TMZ Sports shared the details of the investigation process. 

More responses on TWITTER are available. Another media platform Outkick shared through a Twitter post that police found the sources from which the photos had been leaked. 

What is the present status of the incident?

Various sources claim that the police have found the Culprit for the incident. The source from which the videos and images have been leaked is the Twitter and reddit accounts of Itsfunnydude11. 

Presently, the account has been suspended for the user. But, the unblurred videos and pictures are still available on the internet for privacy authentication. We are unable to share those links.

 Wisconsin volleyball team news on Reddit

The news went viral not only on Twitter but also on the reddit platform. Below is the image shared by a Twitter user who posted on the updates of the UWPD investigation on the Wisconsin university leaked images matter. 

Different reddit users have also added their viewpoints regarding the incident. One of the users mentioned his dissatisfaction with the incident. At the same time, other users wanted to know the name of the Culprit behind the matter

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Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Imgur –FAQs

Q1. Who is the present coach for the Wisconsin volleyball team?

Ans. Kelly Sheffield. is the present coach for the team.

Q2. What is Wisconsin’s leaked video news all about?

Ans. Pictures of the player’s private parts were leaked on 19th Oct on social media platforms.

Q3. Who leaked the pictures? 

Ans. According to sources, the pictures were leaked from the Twitter and reddit accounts of Itsfunnydude11.

Q4. What did the UWPD do with this matter? 

Ans. The UWPD instantly started investigating the matter.

Q5. What is the status of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Imgur news presently?

Ans. At this moment, Culprit’s social media accounts have been seized and suspended, but Culprit’s real identity is not yet found.

Q6. What is the user link of the Culprit’s account?’

Ans. The user link of the Culprit is unavailable for now as the accounts are suspended permanently.

Q7. When did the incident happen? 

Ans. The incident took place on 19th Oct 2022.

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