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Colleen Weaver Missing Raynham Ma post has covered the Raynham missing girl incident in detail.

Are you searching for an update on Colleen Weaver, the girl who went missing on 18th October? The news of the missing girl became a concern for many citizens in the United States as with every passing day, chances of her recovery were getting dimmer. Raynham police brief on Thursday at 11 pm made it clear that the missing girl was found and is safe.

The report of her recovery settled the nerves of many social media users and came as a relief for her family. Colleen Weaver Missing Raynham Ma post, has all the details on this story for internet audience.

Sixteen year old girl went missing from Raynham:

A sixteen-year-old girl was reported missing from the Raynham area of United States on the 18th of October morning. According to her parents, she left home on the morning of 18th October but didn’t return home. The family also claimed that she was lured from her bedroom between 1 am and 4 am, and they had no trace of her missing until morning.

The family further added that she left with nothing and was in her traditional dress. Colleen may have chatted with someone on a digital platform and left home.

Colleen Weaver Missing Raynham Ma Girl Found:

The joint investigation team found Colleen on 27th October at 11 pm. This news came as a great relief for family members. The family and Police had been searching for the girl for the last ten days, and they were losing hope with each passing day.

Raynham police, in their brief, said that they suspected the girl was in danger as her location was untraceable. The girl’s recovery was the best result that Police could get from this investigation. 

Colleen has been reunited with her family and is doing well. Raynham police confirmed that New York police and FBI played a significant part in Colleen Weaver Missing Raynham Ma girl recovery.

Colleen Weaver Family on her Return:

Weaver’s family made all efforts to get their child back, but as days passed, they, too, started losing hope. A candlelight march was taken out on 27th October, and Colleen’s family appealed to the sixteen-year-old girl to return home.

Weaver’s family also collaborated with the media house to raise awareness about the missing girl, and they got a lot of support on social media sites. According to Weaver’s family friend McNally getting the news of her return surprised and thrilled them. McNally further added that Colleen has a heart of gold. 

How Police Recover Colleen Weaver Missing Raynham Ma Girl?

Raynham police said Colleen was found around 11 pm on the 27th of October with the help of the New York police department and FBI. Police Chief James Donovan said on Friday morning that this was the best outcome they were expecting for this case, and they are relieved that girl has been reunited with the family.

According to the Police, the investigation is still on, and no arrest has been made in this case till now. At present, they cannot reveal more about the missing girl and say we found her through investigative means. 

Colleen Weaver Missing Raynham Ma post found that the police chief commended the approach of the whole team that participated in this search and thanked them. Another department head clarified that each time a child goes missing, the enforcement team gets activated, and each member works with others to find child.


The search that started on 18th October culminated with the recovery of the missing girl. Family members thanked everyone involved in the search operation and the people who prayed for her return. Kristen Weaver added Colleen smiled at her before going into her room. We commend the work of the Police and invite people to share their thought in the comment section.

Colleen Weaver Missing Raynham Ma: FAQs

Q.1 When Colleen Weaver went missing?

Colleen Weaver went missing on the 18th October morning.

Q.2 What is the age of the missing girl?

Colleen Weaver is sixteen year old girl.

Q.3 Which police department started investigating Colleen’s case?

Raynham police department started the inquiry of the missing girl.

Q.4 What is the name of Raynham police chief?

 James Donovan is the police chief of Raynham.

Q.5 When was sixteen-year missing girl found?

Police found Colleen on 27th October at 11 pm.

Q.6 What is the name of the parents of Colleen?

Kirsten weaver and Casey are the parents of Colleen weaver.

Q.7 Name of fundraised for Weaver search?

Colleen Weaver Missing Raynham Ma, found that GoFundMe is the name of the fundraised for Weaver search.

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