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What is Firo (FIRO) Coin Worth?

What is Firo: In this article, you’ll learn how to determine FIRO’s value. The value of this cryptocurrency has risen considerably in the past 24 hours, and you’ll discover how the parent blockchain has helped it achieve its value. This cryptocurrency has been making waves on the crypto market lately, thanks to its emphasis on privacy standards. Whether you’re looking to buy a token or an entire investment, you can use a crypto portfolio tracker to keep track of all your crypto assets, profit and loss, and more.

Are you curious about what the Firo coin is all about? We’ve gathered a few answers to this 

question below. Please keep reading to learn more about this coin, and discover its origin. Hopefully, this article will answer some of your burning questions. You can see the Firo ( (FiRO) price as backbone of decentralized finance. Once you’ve learned about the Firo, you’ll know what to expect from this new coin.

What is Fire (FIRO) cryptocurrency?

While Firo is not as widely known as Bitcoin, it is still growing rapidly and contains interesting solutions to the problems that the currency faces. As a result, the FIRO currency is expected to consolidate to a higher rating in the near future. And the cryptocurrency’s enormous number of exchanges support its growth.

Firo is a digital currency with privacy in mind. As a privacy-focused coin, it focuses on monetary privacy and untraceability. The coin’s privacy mechanism is unique, allowing users to burn coins and redeem them for new ones without their transaction histories being revealed to third parties. With a zero-knowledge proof algorithm, Firo offers unparalleled practical anonymity. It will have a total supply of 21.4 million Firo at launch, and will follow the same halving cycle as Bitcoin.

Besides privacy, Firo’s development is a testament to its innovation. It was the first cryptographic protocol to introduce “on-by-default” privacy into the network. As a result, all transactions between official Firo wallets will remain covert by default. Another innovation of the Firo blockchain is its renVM integration. 

The ecosystem is also working on a mobile wallet with full Lelantus transaction support. This will allow third-party wallets to support Lelantus transactions. And if you’re looking to get involved in the cryptocurrency space, you’ll be glad to know that Firo has activated ChainLocks in order to protect the entire ecosystem. This prevents attackers from knowing who is conducting a transaction between two people.

The Firo cryptocurrency was formerly known as Zcoin, but was rebranded as Firo in October 2020. It is a privacy-based digital currency that uses cryptography to make transactions more private and secure. Similar to Zcash and Monero, Firo can be used on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance. By using this exchange, you’ll have lower fees and increased liquidity.

Firo recently experienced a major hack. Originally known as Zcoin, it’s now in the midst of a hash war. To prevent this, the company is urging its users not to make any transactions until the problem is resolved. It’s collaborating with pools and exchanges to mitigate the damage, and has requested hotfix upgrades for all wallets. The attacker must have acquired significant amounts of FIRO in order to perform the attack, and the cryptocurrency was only weeks away from deploying its chain locks.

The founder of Firo, Poramin Insom, has a background in information security and has written papers on Zerocoin protocol implementation. He also founded Satang Corporation and is a member of the Royal Thai Armed Forces. These experiences led him to choose Firo as his first cryptocurrency. The founder of Firo is an experienced computer engineer who is passionate about delivering secure, private digital cash. 


As of August 2018, Firo is worth USD 2.87. It has been a drop of 6.26% over the past 24 hours. Firo uses the Zerocoin Protocol, a cryptographic proof method that guarantees privacy. It uses the Zerocoin Protocol and the Zerocash Protocol, two different cryptographic protocols that use different assumptions. Unlike other coins, this will be more difficult to mine by ASICs. Despite its vulnerabilities, Firo is still a promising project for anonymity enthusiasts.

Final Words

Firo has exciting solutions for the future. With many exchanges supporting the currency, it can consolidate and reach a higher world rating. And its popularity hasn’t just been limited to the United States. Several emerging markets in Asia and Europe are also looking toward Firo for their cryptocurrency investments.

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