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Deep Hollow Ranch Montauk Remi Bader {June} TikTok Video

Readers searching for the links between Deep Hollow Ranch Montauk Remi Bader read this article to explore.

Have you heard of Deep Hollow Ranch before? Who is Remi Bader? How is Deep Hollow Ranch related to the hype? This article will serve you the essentials for readers who wish to explore the reasons for these mentioned questions.

Deep Hollow Ranch is the oldest operating cattle ranch in the United States, and Remi Bader is a known tik-tok user, famous for her clothing haul videos. Scroll down the headers in this article until the end to learn about Deep Hollow Ranch Montauk Remi Bader and find out why the hype is.

Remi Bader and Deep Hollow Ranch Link:

Remi Bader, as already mentioned, is a Tiktok Star and is known for her clothing haul videos. She has over 2 million followers on her account. She recently shared the details of an incident where she was denied to ride a horse at Deep Hollow Ranch due to her weight.

Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk declined her offer to ride the horse as she is overweight. She mentioned that this is the first time she has been denied to ride due to weight.

Deep Hollow Ranch Tik Tok:

Adding more details about the hype and incident, she said that she had ridden horses before and was never denied due to weight. On this denial, she also asked the company to mention this o on their advertisement signs in the future.

Deep Hollow did not respond to any related queries over the phone or email. They mentioned in one of their guides over the internet that the rider’s weight must not be more than 15% of the horses’ weight and also said the list of best horse breeds for plus size riders.

Deep Hollow Ranch Montauk Remi Bader– Views and Reaction:

The screenshot shared by Remi on the denial has received more than 1.5 million views, and fans are reacting over the same. They have mentioned that wrong behavior from any company or organization is unacceptable. One of the viewers also commented that the owner’s son also misbehaved with them.

After this incident, the Deep Hollow Ranch has received many negative comments and ratings over its social media platforms. The company Hampton Water Wine also mentioned that after this incident, they would not organize any activities with the company in response to the misbehaviour and hype for the Remi Bader Horse incident.

How did Deep Hollow Ranch React?

Deep Hollow Ranch has not yet commented back on the incident. They have received a lot of queries over the mail and phone, and users have mentioned that replies for none have been processed yet.

Final Verdict:

Remo Bader is a hit TikTok user who recently shared a screenshot over her Instagram and Facebook accounts. The Deep Hollow Ranch workers denied her riding the horse because she was overweight, and Remi took this over her social media account.

Check out Remi Bader TikTok Account  to explore her profile. Please comment your views about this article Deep Hollow Ranch Montauk Remi Bader in the section below to help us know whether this was helpful.

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