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PLCU Cryptocurrency: Overview and Answers to all Questions

PLCU Cryptocurrency: This article focuses on Alex Reinhardt’s new PLCU cryptocurrency, launched in December 2021, and its ecosystem of more than ten related products. We’ll answer all the questions you might have when choosing this coin and tell you how to become a PLC Ultima user.

What is PLC Ultima

First, PLCU is a coin, not a token. Therefore, PLCU transactions are fraud-proof and non-refundable, and the commission is low and fixed regardless of the amount and type of transfer. Although this cryptocurrency has only officially entered the market and started trading in 2021, its infrastructure and technology have been under development since 2016.

PLC Ultima is fully decentralized and provides all levers of control to the user. PLCU sees its global mission as improving the overall standard of living worldwide with affordable financial tools to earn money from cryptocurrencies. The company also plans to turn the PLCU coin into a universal means of payment for everyday life, thus building a bridge between the traditional market and the world of cryptocurrency. PLC Ultima is actively developing its infrastructure and community, including over 1,000,000 users from 120 countries. The cryptocurrency infrastructure includes over ten products, ranging from the crowdfunding platform to unique coinage applications.

Alex Reinhardt is the founder of PLCU

The founder of PLCU is Alex Reinhardt – a venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur, and business coach. Originally from Russia, he emigrated to Germany as a teenager, where he started looking for ways to make money to help his family. While studying at Berlin Humboldt University, Alex Reinhardt attracted investments into startups of friends, which gave him invaluable experience and helped him find more than twenty successful projects in the IT and FinTech spheres.

Today Alex Reinhardt is among the leaders in the crypto-industry, regularly speaks at international blockchain events, and teaches at his online academy. The first version of the PLC Ultima coin was founded in 2016 but has since gone through many transformations, changes, and new technologies, bringing PLC Ultima in 2021. Nevertheless, it is already a mature, distinctive, and fully independent crypto ecosystem.

PLCU price today

Under Alex Reinhardt’s leadership, the company has seen tremendous growth in PLCU price since its official launch, with PLC Ultima’s price rising from $1 to $48,000 in just one month. Immediately after that, PLCU got added to the listings of major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinsbit, Bibox, and HitBTC. PLCU/USDT and PLCU/BTC are traded in two pairs. The value of a single PLCU Coin (12 April 2022) ranges from 89,000 USDT to 92,000 USDT. You can check the current rate on the stock exchange websites.

Why PLCU is going up, and how safe is it?

To ensure the price of PLCU has stable demand and protection against excessive volatility, Alex Reinhardt has provided the following technical and political peculiarities of the production of coins:

  • The rate and volume of production of new coins are decreasing every month;
  • Each transaction burns 1% of the coins in the system.
  • About 30% of coins are stored in users’ wallets and do not participate in farming.
  • The company burns 100% of its coins to avoid competing for liquidity with regular users.
  • The coin is traded on major exchanges so that it is easy to buy and just as easy to sell.
  • Due to the accompanying products that are the basis for the PLC Ultima ecosystem, the coin can be used in everyday life rather than stored in a wallet.
  • The mining technology allows users to mine new coins on their own, which also encourages a steady flow of new users and the development of the ecosystem.

PLC Ultima is also gradually expanding its footprint and entering markets in new regions, making it a promising international project. When it comes to security, PLC Ultima users are guaranteed that:

  • The PLCU blockchain is based on the Litecoin blockchain on an updatable Segregated Witness protocol at its core;
  • CryptoNight encryption algorithm (which is what Bitcoin uses)
  • Consensus method: transaction requires authentication from a minimum of 51% of nodes.

How to generate revenue from PLCU

To realize Alex Reinhardt’s mission to improve the quality of life, PLC Ultima offers affordable earning opportunities based on minuting. Anyone can generate new PLCU Coins and increase their income by becoming a system user. You don’t even need crypto equipment or special knowledge for that.

You mint coins through the PLC Ultima Wallet, which each user installs after registration. Then, you can download the PLC Ultima Farm app to your smartphone. Ultima Farm is essentially a mobile printing press. The user starts it with one click after purchasing an electronic Ultima Minter certificate. This certificate is permission to start minting and further protects the cryptocurrency from volatility because it helps maintain a balance between demand and the existing amount of coins. Additionally, users buying e-certificates generate new coins faster.

Minting in PLC Ultima is done in the following way: a user freezes a certain number of coins for one to three years. At the end of this period, the user receives new coins minted along with the unfrozen coins. The user also signs a smart contract with PLC Ultima to guarantee both the user and the company timely payments and the security of all transactions. The smart contract is stored in a public blockchain and cannot be changed or amended once you enter into it.

What products does PLC Ultima offer?

As PLCU aims to become a coin for everyday life, the company offers products for that; the most popular are:

  • The Platin Pay payment system

Thanks to Platin Pay, it is already possible to pay with PLCU coins. The payment system is connected to many local and international merchants. It offers financial tools and applications for integrating cryptocurrency payment modules into business operations.

  • The Platin Deal Marketplace

It is an online mall in 17 well-known cryptocurrencies, from BTC and Dogecoin to PLCU. There are no fees. Platin Deal also features a separate eBay-style private classifieds platform, PlatinSale.

  • Crowdfunding Platin Hero

This crowdfunding platform is powered by blockchain technology and smart contracts. Through embedded minting, investors who want to support a project freeze a certain amount of PLCU coins. At the end of the crowdfunding campaign, the investor receives their coins back and a 10% profit. It allows the implementation of the innovators’ ideas and benefits the investors.

  • The PLCU crypto debit card

The PLCU Debit Card allows you to pay in offline and online shops with cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Litecoin, USDT, Ethereum, and PLCU. You can also use the card to convert cryptocurrencies into Euros, Dollars, Chinese yuan, Pounds Sterling, or Japanese yen.

How to become a PLCU user

To become a PLC Ultima user, you will need to:

  1. Get a referral link from any other participant of the project and register through it on the company’s website ( ).
  2. Choose the appropriate certificate option in Ultima Minter
  3. Download Ultima Wallet and Ultima Farm applications on your smartphone.

After that, you need to login into the system, purchase PLC Ultima coins through the wallet or exchange, and start minting with pre-selected conditions. To access all ecosystem products, you can also install Platin Passport.

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