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West Chester Magistrates Court Scam-Is Scam? Read On To Get The Genuine Info!

The article shares all the information related to the West Chester Magistrates Court Scam and ensures people’s safety by warning them.

Have you heard of the recent scam email warning that Queensland residents have received? Yes, you heard that right. People of Queensland are made aware of the hoax email that claims to be from the Brisbane Magistrates court. People from Australia are confused and looking forward to more details. The details related to West Chester Magistrates Court Scam is mentioned here, and people are advised to read the information.


What is the scam?

People from Queensland are receiving a scam message with the subject mentioned as Affidavit and Application 3288/19, asking people to click on the attachment provided to gather more details. The state government has urged people not to click on any attachments given and should delete them from their mailboxes as soon as they receive them. 

Further, the court has not sent any emails, and they may contain malicious information. A scammer sends an email to distribute misleading information to the public.

Is Scam

  • The website is probably legitimate, does not come under any Blacklist groups, and has a valid https connection.
  • The website, however, has poor popularity, and the domain creation date is 19th May 2022. The website may be attached to some scam or phishing, but it is a genuine website.
  • The scam done under the name of the Queensland magistrate court is devoid of any true information. People receiving any messages or emails must ignore them and should not click on any of the links provided by the scammers.

Details on West Chester Magistrates Court Scam

The West Chester court scam has alarmed the people from Queensland, and after the state government’s warning, people are fully attentive to find out if they have received any similar mail in their mailboxes. 

These kinds of scams continue to take place regularly and have a single motive of scanning people by entering harmful content into their system, which can be done by clicking on the link provided by the scammers. It is always advisable to never click on any such links which people are unsure of, and also, they must keep precautions at all times while using any such links. The answer to Is Scam is already mentioned in the above section.


Not only the people of Queensland but also people from all over the world should look on West Chester Magistrates Court Scam. They must keep their eyes on any suspicious email they receive. They must report to their nearest official department if they receive such messages. It ensures they are safe and makes other people safe. What do you think of this scam? Comment your views.

People who want the details of the Magistrates court scam.

West Chester Magistrates Court Scam – FAQs

1 – What is the new scam about?

It relates to the West Chester Magistrates Court email scam.

2 – What is West Chester Magistrates?

It is a court situated in Queensland for the public affairs.

3 – What does the new scam relates to?

The scam relates to a message about Affidavit that people are required to look through.

4 – Is Scam?

The court is not a scam but the messages related is a hoax.

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