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Rock Climber Iranian- Why Elnaz Rekabi Wore No Hijab ? Is She Missing? Read On To Get Exact Details!

Famous Rock Climber Iranian went missing after not wearing a hijab during an international event. Check out the article and stay tuned with us.

Do you have any interest in rock climbing? Have you heard about Elnaz Rekabi? Elnaz Rekabi is a professional rock climber from Iran. Recently one controversial news about Elnaz Rekabi went viral on social media platforms and in different countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and many more. 

If you have no idea what we are talking about, please check out the entire article on Rock Climber Iranian to know what happened and what is the controversial news. So, please keep reading the article.

What is the controversial news about Elnaz Rekabi?

At the international rock climbing competition in South Korea, Elnaz Rekabi, the famous rock climber from Iran, participated in the competition without wearing a hijab. On Sunday, thirty-three years old Elnaz was not wearing her hijab at the International Federation of Sport Climbing’s Asian Championship in Seoul. A video of Elnaz Rekabi went viral on social media where she was wearing a headband with her ponytail. This video went viral with the hashtag Iranian Climber No Hijab. You can click on the link to watch the Elnaz viral video

According to the media of Iran, on Wednesday morning, Elnaz Rekabi arrived at the Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran. Another video went viral on social media, where the crowds gathered both outside and inside of the airport were chanting, “Elnaz, the hero.” Check video on this Twitter link

Everyone is thinking of the freedom of women. People are furious, because at the same time, a 22-year-old woman, Masha Amini, died in police custody after being arrested for the charge of wearing a hijab inappropriately.

What do you think? Did Elnaz Rekabi intentionally not wear a hijab while competing? Elnaz Rekabi posted an apology video through her Instagram post where she said the hijab accidentally fell. It was not intentional. 

Iranian Climber Missing:

After competing in the international event without wearing a hijab, Elnaz Rekabi went missing. But wait a minute! Elnaz Rekabi is in Tehran right? Then why is everyone saying that Elnaz Rekabi went missing? Well, this is fake news. 

After hearing the fake missing news of Elnaz Rekabi, the media reported that the government of Iran might have forced Elnaz to leave the country or the police might have arrested her from her home country. Before any further details were released about this topic, everyone believed that Elnaz Rekabi was missing. 

Is the Iranian Rock Climber Missing news fake?

Yes. The news is fake. In Seoul, the Iran embassy’s official Twitter handle posted that, along with the other members, Elnaz Rekabi departed from Seoul to Iran on 18th October 2022. 

Many people around the world are commenting that all women and nations should support Rock Climber Iranian Elnaz Rekabi for such a brave act. Some people are praying for her safety and well-being. Click on the link if you want to know why hijab is important in Iran

Do you support Elnaz Rekabi? Please comment. 

FAQ Section-

1 – Where is Elnaz Rekabi now?

Ans. She is in Tehran.

2 –  Did Elnaz really go missing?

Ans. No. It was fake news.

3 –  Did Elnaz Rekabi intentionally not wear the hijab?

Ans. According to her, it was not intentional.

4 –  Will the Iran police arrest her for not wearing a hijab?

Ans. There is no information about this. 

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