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Who Is Bailiff Renard Spivey ? How Did Former TV Bailiff Kill His Wife?

Please scroll down to the below article, Who Is Bailiff Renard Spivey, and learn about the detailed incidents of his wife’s murder by reading it.

Have you heard the latest news about actor Renard Spivey? Are you interested in knowing the detailed story? Then it would help if you continue reading this article to the last to know how Bailiff Renard Spivey brutally killed his wife. People of the United States were shaken after hearing the murder news of the wife of Renard Spivey.

People wanted to know about Spivey, and the question related to him was circulating on the internet as the news of the murder of his wife came out. Let us go deep into the story to know the detailed facts.

Who Is Bailiff Renard Spivey

Renard Spivey acted as a bailiff in the drama show Justice For All. This show was running between 2012 – 2016. In this drama show, he was accompanied by Judge Christina Perez. Spivey is a popular name among audiences. People enjoyed his work. Earlier, he was a deputy in Houston’s Harris County Sheriff’s office. But a fatal incident has been circulating in the media that Renard Spivey murdered his wife, Patricia. According to the sources, Patricia was a fitness freak and did her schooling at Jack Yates High School.

How Bailiff Killed His Wife?

In the above paragraph, we discussed Who Is Bailiff Renard Spivey; here, we will discuss the facts of killing his wife by himself. Sources said that Spivey was caught with a gunshot wound on his leg. When asked about the incident, Spivey told the police that he and his wife were arguing about steroid use. 

They are fighting in the closet of a bedroom over a gun. At this time, three shots were fired from the gun. Two shots strike Patricia, who eventually dies, and one shot to Renard. Police discovered the body of Patricia Ann Marshall Spivey in the Houston house. 

The deceased was fifty-two years old. Renard was taken into police custody for the accusation of murdering his wife. We learn about Who Is Bailiff Renard Spivey; let us learn some additional information about Spivey. There was another theory also involved in the murder of the wife of Renard; Patricia and Renard had multiple issues with their relationship. 

Patricia had a trust issue with her husband and often complained about her extra-marital relationship with Renard. Spivey dialed 911 in the morning at 3: 10 AM and told the incident. Later, police rescued the body of Patricia from the cupboard.

More About The Incident

According to the evidence, the statement by Renard Spivey was found somewhat inconsistent by the police. According to the brother of Patricia Renard and his wife fought over several issues, including taking steroids to infidelity. Who Is Bailiff Renard Spivey is known to us. 

What exactly happened with this popular personality and his wife is a matter of investigation. The three shots were fired in the direction of the closet from them; two touched the body of Patricia, and one makes injured Renard. But all these things happened accidentally is hard to believe somehow.  

Renard Spivey Update

Renard Spivey was convicted of murdering his wife. As Spivey had a background in law enforcement, the government asked for a large amount of bond money. We have given the information of how Renard Spivey murdered his wife and Who Is Bailiff Renard Spivey

Judge set the amount of bail to more than $800,000. Later the judge set a $50,000 bond when the prosecutor asked $ 100,000. After paying the amount Renard Spivey was let out of custody. Let us see how the police arrested Renard.

How Was Bailiff Arrested?

Renard and Patricia battled over a gun that miss fired during the fight. Patricia died on the spot, and Renard was injured as one shot stroked his leg. After police arrived at the spot, they took Renard to the hospital as he had a wound on his leg before taking him into custody. Patricia sustained gunshots on her arm and another place. 

More About Who Is Bailiff Renard Spivey 

Among the works of Renard Spivey, the most famous is Dead Of Knight, where Spivey plays the role of an officer. His other works include Corruption. Gov, where he played the role of a military thug. In 2011, he worked in Married Men and Single Women. 

Among his TV series most popular is Justice For All, where he played the role of a bailiff. The incident that the famous person was accused of killing his wife is very disheartening. Let us check what the neighbor of Renard and Patricia has said regarding this unfortunate incident.

Reactions Of The Neighbors

According to a neighbor, he woke up hearing the noises. They all know Who Is Bailiff Renard Spivey. Therefore, Timothy Choice stated that those noises could be the sound of gunshots. He is not the only person awakened from sleep; Dee Shanklin also states the same. According to him, the news of losing a life is truly sad as they lived in a community. 

Why Is This Incident Trending In News

Renard Spivey was proven guilty of the murder of his wife. This incident took place in 2019. Renard is now in jail. The verdict came out on the accusation of the murder of his wife. The detailed murder story and Who Is Bailiff Renard Spivey is circulating on the internet as people search for the detailed story about the murder incident of Renard Spivey. They are searching for different facts related to the incidents. As many people are searching for the details, this topic is on trend.

Who Is Bailiff Renard Spivey FAQ

1- Why did the police arrest, Renard Spivey?

The police arrested Renard Spivey for the accusation of murdering his wife.

2 – When was he arrested?

Spivey was arrested on 29th July 2019.

3 – What is the name of Renard Spivey’s wife?

The name of Renard’s wife is Patricia Ann Marshall Spivey.

4 – In which film Renard Spivey gained popularity?

Renard Spivey gained popularity on Dead Of Knight.

5 – In which show Renard acts as bailiff?

Renard acts as bailiff on the drama show Justice For All.

6 – Tell me the age of Spivey when the police arrested him.

Spivey was 63 years old when he was charged with killing his wife.

7 – How many times has the wife of Renard been shot?

Patricia has shot a total of two times.

8 – How large amount has been paid by Renard for the bond?

$50,000 was paid by Renard for release from custody.


From the above discussion on the murder of the wife of Renard Spivey, we come to know the detailed incident. We have learned the reason for such an unfortunate occurrence and the happenings that followed the murder. We have also discussed the reason for the trending of the question regarding Renard Spivey on the internet.

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