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Waffler69 Cause Of Death Reddit: What Happened To Waffler69? When Did He Passed Away? Also Explore More Details On His Net Worth, And Age

The article explains TikTok Celebrity Waffler69 and when he passed away, and the reason for death is obtained by reading WAFFLER69 Cause of Death Reddit.

What is the cause of Death for Waffler69? Waffler69 was a 33-year-old TikTok creator. However, some individuals from the United States are unsure about how Waffler69 passed away. Therefore, one can check his Cause of Death here. In addition, this article lets readers learn more about WAFFLER69 Cause of Death Reddit.


When Waffler69 lost his life?

Taylor, better known online as Waffler69, became famous for eating odd foods, including canned cheeseburgers. In a few of his more well-known videos, he was devouring things that had gone bad, such as legally licenced cereal that has first released in 1989 to support Tim Burton’s Batman film or antiquated canned goods. Claydorm, Waffler69’s brother, who appears in some of TikTok’s videos, broke the tragic news on social site like Redditearly on January 12 that Taylor Passed Away. On January 11, claydorm’s video informs viewers that Waffler69 died of a “presumed heart attack” around 10 pm. Claydorm encourages viewers to continue watching his brother’s content. It was essential to keep him alive because he loved to make people happy.”

As a result of the report that the 33-year-old TikTokphenomenon Waffler69 has gone away, a large portion of the TikToksociety is currently in grief. His brother Clayton announced his passing. The reason for Dead for Taylor Claydorm, also called Waffler69, is presently unknown. His brother announced his death on January 12, 2023. He speculates that his brother’s demise may have been due to a heart attack. TMZ reported that Clayton told Taylor, his mother, that he had felt uncomfortable since Wednesday. A hospital ambulance rushed him to the hospital, but he died there.


When Waffler69 lost his life

What Happened ToWaffler69?

His peculiar meal selections and nostalgic view of fast food made him well-known. He supposedly had a cardiac arrest on January 11, 2023, at about 10 o’clock, Clayton said in his video. He had urgently taken to the hospital and died hours or hours later.

As per sources, according to Clayton, Taylor has never had a cardiac problem, but his father and grandfather both have genetic heart conditions. Clayton, his brother, posted the information on TikTok using his profile. With more than 32.9 million likes, Taylor has 1.7 million followers on TikTok as Waffler69. People adored the videos he used to put online in which he ate childhood favourites.

The net worth of Waffler69

A TikTok creator named Waffler69. The net worth of Waffler69 is unknown. His death occurred on January 11, 2023. At Age 33, TikTok celebrity Waffler69 passed away. For his films in which he sampled odd dishes, Waffler69 amassed a considerable following on social media. He also had an Instagram account and a YouTube channel and had just begun posting content to Facebook. For much more updates, stay connected to our page.

Personal details

Full Name:      Taylor

Fame name:     Waffler69

Occupation:     TikTok creator

Died:               January 11 2023

Age:                33 years

NetWorth:      Unknown

Note: All the details collected from online sources.


A bright celebrity in the TikTok society has passed away. Taylor Brice went away on Wednesday, January 11, and reports say that a cardiac arrest was the cause of death. Huge people show their tributes to Waffler 69. Gather more details online.

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WAFFLER69 Cause of Death Reddit- FAQ

Q1. What Caused Waffler69’s Death?

Waffler69 reportedly died of a heart attack.

Q2. When did Waffler69 pass away?

Thirty-three years old was the age of Waffler69 at the time of death.

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