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Zanele Sifuba Video Twitter: Check Trending Tlof Tlof On Twitter, Reddit & Telegram Handles!

This article provides information related to the latest Zanele Sifuba Video Twitter update along with new facts.

Are you aware of the Zanele Sifuba leaked video? There’s been a new update in the case as it is seen that the official authority asked Twitter to remove the video from the platform as it is getting trending Worldwide

In recent events, an announcement has been made by the FPB on removing the Zanele Sifuba Video Twitter. If you want to know the whole story, start reading the article.


What’s the latest news about the Zanele Sifuba video?

In the latest update of the Zanele Sifuba video case, the Film and Publication Board (FPB) demands that Twitter bring down Zanele’s video in which she performs inappropriate activities while on a video call with a man.


What's the latest news about the Zanele Sifuba video

Zanele Tlof Tlof– Where is the video available?

The official video couldn’t be found on the internet, as many websites removed the video because of different reasons. However, some clips and edited versions are available on the internet on different YouTube channels and Twitter, but we can’t say whether they are genuine or edited. 

The video contains 18+ age content, and the kids shouldn’t watch any part of it as some Twitter account holders from Worldwide also believe it is disturbing. 

Who is Zanele Sifuba?

It’s time to look at the personality whose Trending Video On Twitter gained the unwanted attention of the readers. Zanele Sifuba is a free state legislative speaker in South Africa. Here’s some more detail about her. 

Age-  Not Mentioned
Full Name-  Ntombizanele Beauty Sifuba
Language- South African
Nationality- South Africa
Place of Birth-  Eastern cape, South Africa
Married- Yes
Children- 4
Profession- Politician
Education- Degree in Psychology

The internet doesn’t have enough information on the personal life of Zanele, but we will update the article once we get the updated information related to her personal life. 

What’s the reaction to Twitter?

After the appeal was made by the FPB regarding the removal of Zanele’s intimate video, as the link is available on Reddit and other platforms too, Twitter didn’t answer the request yet, however, in the appeal, it is mentioned that if the Twitter doesn’t remove the video by Thursday, then the matter will be handled by the enforcement committee. 

It is seen that the video has been in the trending section for the last 2 days, and it could create a negative impact on the speaker’s image as well as on the children’s minds. The speaker also warned about people sharing videos on social media platforms, including Telegram.

Are there any other similar events that happened?

Like Zanele’s video, another senator’s video got leaked on the internet. We are talking about the Felipe Kast video. Though it’s not an intimate video, it made some headlines on social media and got trending on Twitter for a few days. 

Apart from the senator’s leaks, there are Cemetery scandals, the volleyball team’s inappropriate leaks and many other events which make them think about the safety of their privacy. However, different clips and images are available on Zanele Sifuba Video Twitter.

Social media links

Final Words

The official video is not available on any social media platforms. However, different clips and images have been circulated through different links, which makes the FPB concerned about the speaker’s image and the impact on the minor’s mind. 

Therefore, let’s wait for the verdict by Twitter officials regarding the removal of the video. Do you find the article helpful and informative? Please comment below. 

Zanele Sifuba Video Twitter– FAQs

Q.1 Where is the full video available?

The full video may be available on different websites through different links.

Q.2 Does the speaker take any action?

Zanele said that strict actions would be taken against the people sharing the video.

Q.3 Who is the other person in the video?

The identity is still unknown.

Q.4 Will twitter remove the video from the official platform?

No official notice or comment came from the Twitter office regarding removing the video.

Q.5 What does FPB stand for?

FPB stands for The Film and Publication Board.

Q.6 Who is the husband of Zanele Sifuba?

There’s no information mentioned regarding her husband anywhere. 

Q.7 Is the video present on social media platforms?

Clips of the videos and images are available on a different platform.

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