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Ashton Torgerson Crash Video: Find What Happened, Also Check More Update On His Accident

This article delivered about Ashton Torgerson Crash Video and race details. And also exposed his racing interest and more.

Who is Ashton Torgerson? Is he a race car driver? What Happened To Ashton Torgerson? On 11th January 2023 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United StatesAshton Torgerson was involved in the night race. Unfortunately, he clipped a wall, and the ride flipped several times the young driver Ashton Torgerson ejected from the car seat.

Want to know more about the horrible crash of the young driver? Read Ashton Torgerson Crash Video article to get more information about the race and the reason behind the crash.

What Happened to Ashton Torgerson?

Ashton Torgerson went to Oklahoma to participate in the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals car race on 11th January 2023. Unfortunately, while racing with the other race drivers, his car crashed on lap 11. 

After a crash, the young driver’s car struck a wall side and flipped several times. The driver’s body was thrown off the wreckage. When the organizers and paramedics arrived at the spot, the rally driver was shifted from the Accident place to the hospital

The fans and followers are worried about Togerson’s safety. Therefore, the Chili Bowl young driver car crash video link has been provided in this article.

Car crash updates

After the car crash, the Chili Bowl Nationals organizers mentioned that Ashton Torgerson was awake and communicating with others. Later, his family members updated his followers as Ashton Torgerson was okay.


Car crash updates

On social media, the joint account of Ashton and Austin tweeted that the neck exam cleared the return, and they are waiting for a CT scan. And also, Ashton was taken for further testing. During the chili bowl Wreck, he was severely injured. Doctors examined him; the test results showed that he fell in his arms and feet.

Who is Ashton Torgerson?

Ashton Torgerson was 16 years young racer, and he was born in Medford, Oregon, in the year 2006. In his 4th age, he started go-karts racing and ultimately moved to dirt racing. He studied at Crater Lake Academy. His hobby is racing and also racing only. He drove the car on the road for ten years. He has already won more prizes and participated in numerous racing. 

Continue reading to get more car crash videos and Update in the below section.

Ashton Torgerson’s crash

Ashton Torgerson was involved in the Chilli Bowl race and had a severe crash. In the collision, his car was flipped several times, and he was ejected from his seat. Medical personnel rushed quickly, and he was admitted to the hospital. After several tests and medical examinations, doctors declare all about young racer to his family. Directly preceding the crash, Ashton Torgerson moved to sixth place in the race. Keep reading Ashton Torgerson’sstatus o13/01/2023 on the social media link.

This incident caused an outbreak of netizens and worried about the young driver’s safety in the car races. The young driver’s car crash videos were recorded during the crash and shared on the internet. 

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As a Young racer, Ashton Torgerson participated in the Chili Bowl Nationals car race. Unfortunately, his car crashed during the race and severely injured him. Watch Ashton’s Car Crash Video on the YouTube link.

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Ashton Torgerson Crash Video: FAQ

Q1. Who is Ashton Torgerson?

 A young car racer.

Q2. How old is he?

16 years.

Q3. Who conducted the car race?

Chili Bowl Nationals

Q4. Is he ejected from the car during the accident?


Q5. Where did the crash happen?

Lap 11

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