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Vidio Viral Bella Korompot: What The Viral Video Details Available on Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, And Reddit

The article provides details about the Vidio viral Bella Korompot and her real identity revealed through the Video.

Recently a video of Bella Korompot has surfaced all over the net. The video reveals the real identity of the figure we thought to be Bella Korompot.

Do you know what real identity of Bella is? Who is she? Where is she from? What happened after her video get viral? People Worldwide are curious to know more facts about Bella Korompot. If you want to know the same, please read this write-up till the end to get detailed information on the Vidio Viral Bella Korompot.



The link to Bella korompot’s viral video contains explicit content unsuitable for audiences of all age groups. So, we are not attaching any link to the video in the article.

What is in the viral video?

Recently on 17 December 2022, a video went viral by the account “@selalongka” a caption was attached to the video stating that the people of Manado must see the video. The video contains explicit solo activities of the figure we thought was Bella Korompot. The video contains some activities that are unsuitable for all.

What is the outcome of the viral TikTokvideo?

The viral video led to several outcomes; firstly, the woman referred to as Bella korompot’s true identity is revealed. It is found that the girl claiming to be Bella is a 21-year-old boy named Tomi. Bella has a good number of followers on her TikTok account. 

Fans were left shocked after knowing that the shoulder-length cute girl whom they thought to be Bella was a boy named Tomi.After this sudden identity was revealed through the explicit Video, Bella fans were shocked after Instagram viral video as she came out to be a different person.

What was the step taken after the video went viral?

The police of Sulawesi were informed about the video after it went viral. On 20 December 2022, Tomi was arrested and taken into custody. In the investigation, he revealed that he is a 21-year-old boy named Tomi.

He revealed that he is using the account by the name Bella. On being investigated further about the viral video on Reddit, he revealed that he was a resident of Pantai village in Bintauna.You can check Bella Korompot’s Facebook account to know more about her.

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The figure we thought to be Bella Korompot is found to be a 21-year-old Tomi. Police take him into custody after his viral video. To know more about the Bella Korompot video, visit the link.

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Bella Korompot YoutubeviralFAQs:

Q1. Where did Tomi live? 

He lived in north Sulawesi.

Q2. What is the real name of the figure we thought to be Bella?

The real name of Bella is found to be Tomi.

Q3. When did Tomi get arrested?

He got arrested by the police of Sulawesi on 20 December 2022.

Q4. Where can we find the viral video?

The video can’t be found easily as another normal video does. You have to search through various keywords.

Q5. Where is the video getting viral?

The video is getting viral all over You tube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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