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Sthomeinternet .Com: Explore Its Feature And Legitimacy Details

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Sthomeinternet .Com to know its services and legitimacy. is a website offering no-contact internet services in the United States. No wonder thousands of customers opt for DSL connections for which they pay a connection fee. DSL is considered to provide a high-speed internet connection. 

Would you like to know about services offered by Sthomeinternet, its features, and its legitimacy? Then, please read this article as we bring you all the key details of Sthomeinternet.Com to inform you about its legitimacy.


About URL is not directly accessible. The website directs you to to subscribe for a home internet connection. The URL of Sthomeinternet indicates St-home-internet, a reference for straight-talk-home-internet connection.

With the advancement in technology of 5G, it is now possible to browse the internet up to 100 MB/second! Sthomeinternet provides state-of-the-art Wi-Fi6 devices that access the internet via a 5G connection. The device is wireless and portable, allowing you to place it in any corner of your house.

The Sthomeinternet Wi-Fi6 device delivers internet speed between 20 to 100 MB/second, which is competent with the DSL connection. With Sthomeinternet .Com Wi-Fi6, up to 130 devices can be connected to it simultaneously. A one-time fee of $99.99 is applicable with a monthly unlimited internet plan at $45/month.

The features of

Sthomeinternet included the terms, conditions, code of conduct, and privacy policy. Its physical address is Straight Talk Inc., 9700 North-West 112 Avenue, Miami, FL-33178. The customer service contact number is 1-877-430-2355, and the text messaging technical support number is 611611.

Sthomeinternet also sells mobile phones with monthly plans and sim cards. It supported newsletters. It is present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, with 11,79,200+ followers. Sthomeinternet .Com supportsblogging and customer reviews. 

Sthomeinternet uses a less secured HTTP connection, and its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 244 days. Sthomeinternet is not blacklisted. The website is registered under Verizon Trademark Services LLC. However, the identity and contact number of its owners are censored.

The legitimacy of Sthomeinternet:

Sthomeinternet may take time to improve its terrible 3% trust score as it was registered recently on 7th-June-2022 in DC, USA. It is six months and 17-days old website. 

The website was updated recently on 6th-Octover-2022, signifying the continuity of business. Further, Sthomeinternet .Com has a short life expectancy as it expires in the next five months and 13-days on 7th-June-2023.

Sthomeinternet gained a terrible 6,022,295 Alexa rank. However, it Sthomeinternet is not blacklisted.

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Due to HTTP protocol, DA, Alexa score, and awful trust score, Sthomeinternet is NOT a fully legitimate website. However, due to its affiliation with Verizon, a reputed telecom and internet service provider, Sthomeinternet may take time to improve its scores. The website is considered a high risk to user data and devices. Sthomeinternet gained poor customer ratings.

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Sthomeinternet .Com – FAQ

1Q. What are the negative reviews about Sthomeinternet?

Problems with sim cards, intermittent connection, and poor customer service.

2Q. What is the customer service rating of Sthomeinternet?

Sthomeinternet was rated by 1,130 customers at terrible 1.3/5 stars.

3Q. How many customers rated Sthomeinternet negatively?

More than 96% of customers rated Sthomeinternet between 1 and 3 out of 5 stars.

4Q. How many customers rated Sthomeinternet positively?

Only 4% of customers rated it positively. However, its telecom services and telecom packages (phone+sim) are rated between 2.6 to 4.7/5 stars.

5Q. How much is the business rank of Sthomeinternet .Com?

Sthomeinternet gained a terrible 1/100 Domain Authority score and an excellent 100% business ranking.

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