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Vaughan Shooting Reddit: Is Langstaff Still Searching For The Victims? Check Current Twitter & Instagram Trending News Here!

The below post helps you in getting how and why the Vaughan Shooting Reddit was planned, and other related facts.

Did you hear the shocking news from Vaughan, Toronto, on Sunday? This news on Sunday shocked everyone around the world,including Canada and the United States. The news of open gun firing blows everyone’s mind. Additionally, people are still in trauma after this incident. 

People are curious to know; if the incident was planned or happened accidentally. Who is the mastermind of the accident, and why did this shooting occur? So, if you are also curious to know the answer, read this post till the end, as here we explain everything about Vaughan Shooting Reddit


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What happened in the Vaughan Shooting?

According to the sources, a 73 years old man killed five people in the condo tower in Vaughan, Toronto, on Sunday night. As per York Regional Police (YRP), the men killed these people in an open firing on Rutherford Road and Jane Street.

However, the man was killed by the police in different areas of the building immediately after they got informed, but until then, he had taken five lives brutally. For more information, you can check the social media links below.

How many Victims were killed in the shooting?

Five people were killed on the spot in the open firing by the person, and the rest injured were taken to the hospital. However, the police assured the wounded taken to the hospital would likely survive and be fine after some days. 

Police Action on the incident

The police reached out on the incident soon after they learned about it—the YRP duty inspector Const. Laura Nicolle was the head of the operation, and he informed the shooters who were shot by the police and pounced dead on the spot.

Nicolle said that the investigation is still going on, and Langstaff is still searching for victims in the building. Besides this, SIU also informed that they had assigned six investigators, including two members from the forensics department, to investigate the matter.

Vaughan Mayor Steven Del Duca was safeguarded from the incident. However, he posted an online statement that condolences the victims’ families on the entire city’s behalf. 

Does the resident reside outside the building?

The incident happened around 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, and since then residents in the building were moved out by the police.

But, after the operation, residents were shifted to their homes on Monday morning by the police. However, police units are still guarding the building for investing purposes. 

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On Sunday, a 73-year-old killed five people in an open fire on a condo tower in Vaughan, Toronto. The man was killed by the police soon after they reached for the rescue of the people and was killed by the police at the same time.

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Vaughan Shooting Reddit- FAQs

Q1. How many died in the Vaughan Shooting incident?

Ans. There were five people, and one suspect was killed in the Vaughan Shooting incident.

Q2. Where did this shooting happen?

Ans. The shooting has happened in the condo tower in Vaughan, Toronto. 

Q3. What is the age of the suspect?

Ans. He was 73 years old. 

Q4. When did this shooting happen?

Ans. The shooting happened on Sunday night. 

Q5. Do police find further information on the shooter?

Ans. No, the investigation is still going on. 

Q6. When will the post-mortem of the civilian be handed over to their relative? 

Ans. The police have informed that the post-mortem of the civilian will be handed over to their loved one on Tuesday. 

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