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Drew Griffin CNN Cause of Death: Is The Reason Was Cancer? Check Wikipedia To Know About Wife, Children, Age, Bio, Net Worth & Family Details! Read Here!

In this article, you will find Drew Griffin CNN Cause of Death, his career achievements, and his contribution to his country.

Do you know what happened to Drew Griffin? What is his contribution to the CNN channel? Senior investigative reporter of CNN Drew Griffin died on 17 December 2022. People from Canada and the United States cannot believe that Drew is dead.

Everyone is looking for Drew Griffin CNN Cause of Death. There is chaos everywhere that is possible because lots of people saw him reporting to the office. Moreover, his colleagues also mentioned that he didn’t tell anyone about the illness. He visited the office daily on time until his last day.


How did he Die?

Drew Griffin died from Cancer. He died at the Age of 60. According to the doctor’s report, Drew knew about his illness but did not want to disclose his weakness publicly. However, his body was going weak every day, and suddenly on 17 September, he got sick and died.

Everyone wants to know about his Family and career to learn more about Drew. The vice president of CNN, Michael Bass, also shares beautiful comments and love with the investigative reporter.

Michael said Drew was a creative and Fearless reporter who could push the story and reality to its maximum limit. Drew gave a significant contribution to growing our channel.

Bio Details of Drew Griffin

Drew was born in Chicago on 21 October 1962. He studied at the University of Illinois. Initially, he began his career at WICD-TV, where he had experience in media reporting and story coverage.

Later he migrated to Florida, North Carolina, Washington DC, and South Carolina. Finally, in 2004 he joined the CNN channel.

Everyone wants to get his Wikipedia details and info about his life. You can get the basic detail in the given chart.

Full name Drew Griffin
Date of birth 21 October 1962
Date of death 17 December 2022
Cause of death Cancer
Education Bachelor of Arts from University of Illinois
Profession Senior Journalist
Wife Margot Griffin
Children 3
Net worth $ 2 million

As a senior CNN journalist, he only had a Net Worth of 2 million dollars.

Lots of people were unaware of his personal life. He also didn’t enclose his personal life to his colleagues and staff members. Instead, Drew dedicated his life and career to reporting. Despite that, he won two consecutive Emmy Awards in 2005 and 2006. He was popularly known for disclosing the scandal at VA Hospital in 2015.

Wife of Drew Griffin

He was married to Margot Griffin. There are no such details about his marital life or information about his spouse. The couple lives in the Atlanta Metropolitan area in the US. Together they had three Children. However, Margot is alive and driving for her major loss in life.

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The CNN senior journalist Drew Griffin died on 17 September 2022. He died at the Age of 60 years old and suffered from Cancer disease. Everyone knows Drew is in shock and pain that they lost a precious gem of the nation.

What do you think of Drew’s contribution to his country? Comment Below.

Drew Griffin CNN Cause of Death: FAQs

Q1 How did Drew Griffin die?

Due to Cancer

Q2 What are the names of Drew’s Children?

EleGast, Louis, and Miles Griffin.

Q3 Who are the parents of Drew Griffin?

Father: Michael James Griffin

Mother: Judith Anne Griffin

Q4 When did Drew Griffin die?

17 December 2022

Q5 How many members are there in Drew’s Family?

He has one wife, three children, and two grandchildren.

Q6 What are Drew Griffin’s obituary updates?

No updates available

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