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Tiantian Kullander Cause Of Death: Check His Twitter Account, Wiki, Age, Parents, Net worth, Girlfriend, Height & Much More Details Here!

The co-founder of the Amber Group, Tiantian Kullander, has passed away. Look more closely at his situation and read Tiantian Kullander Cause of Death.

The reason for the death of Tiantian Kullander, one of the founders of the Amber Group, was unknown at the time of his death. However, some individuals are unsure of Tiantian Kullander’s exact reason for death. Therefore, one can check it all here. People around the United States are showing their condolences. This article opens the road for readers to learn further about Tiantian Kullander Cause of Death.


Tiantian Kullander Death Notice

People who heard about Tiantian Kullander’s passing did a lot of web research on her death and obituary. After learning of Tiantian Kullander’s passing, many began to speculate about his reason for death. Many people have recently observed Tiantian Kullander’s passing. However, the information provided about Tiantian Kullander is accurate, and we discovered a few discussions on Twitter that had a lot of details about the musician’s obituary. The website often misleads viewers by reporting about healthy people as if they were deceased.

Additionally, Tiantian Kullander co-founded Amber Group and served on the board, an e-sports company, and addition to the on-chain liquidity underwriter KeeperDAO. Like many of Amber’s co-founders, he worked for Goldman Sachs and then Morgan Stanley, where he gained trading experience. The Girlfriend’s details are not available on social media. Besides serving as director of Fnatic, Kullander formed KeeperDAO. Besides his wife and child, he leaves behind all things. His company Amber, which now has a fundraising value of around $3 billion, was founded by Kullander in 2017.

Value of Tiantian Kullander

Tiantian Kullander, a co-founder of Amber Group At the moment of the death, he aged 30 years old. Tiantian Kullander’s Net worth was pegged at $3 billion by the block.

What is the identity of Tiantian Kullander?

As Amber Group reported on November 23, Tiantian Kullander passed away unexpectedly. At Amber’s most recent fundraising, Kullander, or TT, raised approximately $3 billion. He helped create the company in 2017. Several of Amber’s co-founders came from the trading world. As Amber Group reported on November 23, Tiantian Kullander passed away unexpectedly.


  • Full Name: Tiantian Kullander
  • Profession: Amber Group’s co-founder
  • Born: N/A
  • DOD: November 23, 2022
  • Age: 30 years
  • Net worth: $3 billion
  • Children: Son
  • Status: Married

The founders’ details are mentioned in the article. Nobody could have anticipated his abrupt passing. Parent and wife, and other details are unavailable. However, everything is in God’s hands. Tiantian Kullander died unexpectedly, at the Age of 30. 


Tiantian Kullander’s reason for death is unknown, as previously mentioned. After learning this detail, his supporters are more alarmed. Various famous people are sharing the grieving family their condolences. Gather more details online.

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Height & More – FAQ

Q1. What Caused Tiantian Kullander’s Death?

The cause of Tiantian Kullander’s death is unknown or not known.

Q2. How old was Tiantian Kullander when he passed away?

A 30-year-old Tiantian Kullander passed away.

Q3. When Tiantian passed away?

On November 23, 2023, he lost his life.

Q4. Who is the co-founder of Amber Group?

Tiantian Kullander

Q5. Who are the Parents of Tiantian Kullander?

That information has yet to be discovered.

Q6. What is the height of Tiantian?


Q7. In which university he completed his studies?

Durham University.

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