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{Updated Today} Daejhanae Jackson Arrest Warrant: Is She Arrested? Check If Her Wiki, Instagram Account, Biography, Age, Parents, Net Worth, And Boyfriend Details Available

This post on Daejhanae Jackson Arrest Warrant will reveal the facts on the death of Robinson. So, kindly read.

Who killed Shaquille Robinson? Is the suspect arrested? People are eagerly waiting for the police to arrest the culprit of Shaquille’s murder. This news is trending Worldwide as everyone wants to know about Shaquille’s culprit. Daejhanae Jackson Arrest Warrant was issued by the police and people want to know about Daejhanae Jackson in-depth and why she beat Shaquille so brutally. So, kindly stay tuned with us to know more.

Arrest Warrant Issued in Shaquille’s Murder Case

As per the latest reports, the police officials issued an arrest warrant against Daejhanae Jackson on November 23, 2022, after they proved her guilty of the death of Shaquille Robinson. Earlier, some of her friends had stated that she died due to liquor poisoning but in her autopsy report, liquor poisoning was not found. Rather she had suffered acute injuries in her spine. 

Is Daejhanae Jackson Arrested?

After the incident that took place at the end of October, everyone was desperately waiting for justice to be served to Shaquille Robinson. Almost after a month, on November 23, 2022, an arrest warrant has been issued that may prove Daejhanae Jackson guilty of beating Shaquille so brutally that she suffered deadly injuries in her spinal cord. Shaquille’s death certificate showed that she suffered atlas luxation and injuries in her spinal cord. As a result, it happened during the fight when Daejhanae had beaten Shaquille. It is still unknown if she is in police custody or not.

Wiki: Daejhanae Jackson

This section will show some valuable details on Daejhanae Jackson, the culprit in Shaquille’s murder. So, kindly read it.

Real Name Deajha Nacolee Jackson 
Date of Birth  1996-1997
Place of Birth  Charlotte 
Criminal Status Beaten Shaquille Robinson to death
Penalty  An arrest warrant is issued
Parent’s Information  Unknown 
Age  25-26 years (approximately)
Ethnicity  Afro-American
Education  Private School
Qualification  Graduate
Religion  Christian 
Nationality  American
Zodiac Sign Not available 
Other names Dejanae Imani Jackson

As per our research, there are not many details on Jackson’s Biography. We will update our readers once any online site will publish details on her life.

Viral Video Of Jackson and Robinson

An incident took place in the last week of October that resulted in the death of a woman. Some friends went on a trip to celebrate a birthday party in Mexico. A video went viral on Instagram and other online sites where two women can be seen fighting. A woman (Daejhanae Jackson) was charging brutally the other woman (Shaquille Robinson). Shaquille was drunk and naked whereas Jackson was beating her brutally. Their friends were enjoying the fight and did not try to stop them.

What did Shaquille’s Parents say?

Her father, Bernard, and mother, Salamondra are in grief as they lost their beautiful daughter. Her mother mentioned that she had a conversation with her daughter and wished her good night. She also said that Shaquille would talk to her the following day. But, nobody knew that this would not be going to happen. 

Net Worth of Daejhanae Jackson

As per online sources, the details of the work life of Daejhanae Jackson have not been shared. Thus, her net worth is unknown. We will let our readers know once everything will be cleared.


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Daejhanae Jackson Arrest Warrant: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Daejhanae Jackson under custody?

Ans. As per sources, an arrest warrant was issued on November 23, 2022. But there is no update if she is arrested or not.

  1. How old is Daejhanae Jackson?

Ans. As per online sources, her exact date of birth is unknown. She is around 25-26 years old.

  1. Who went on the trip?

Ans. Khalil Cooke, Shaquille Robinson, Daejhanae Jackson, Wenter Donovan, Nazeer Wiggins, Alysse Hyatt, and Malik Dyer went on a trip to Mexico.

  1. Who is the Boyfriend of Daejhanae Jackson?

Ans. It is unknown if the suspect is dating anyone.

  1. When was the arrest warrant issued?

Ans. An arrest warrant was issued on November 23, 2022.

  1. What was written on the death certificate of Shaquille Robinson?

Ans. Her death certificate revealed that she died due to Atlas Luxation and was injured in the spinal cord. She did not die due to liquor poisoning.

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