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Audius Coin News (Aug) What Is The News All About?

Audius Coin News (Aug) What Is The News All About? >> Let’s read about this cryptocurrency to get an idea about its statistical details and clarify the current trend on the news.

Does music elevate your mood and take you to the better place? Multiple platforms stream music and let you share them with people you want to connect with. However, there are not much known about platforms that would let you stream the music, be a creator and share it with people Worldwide and get appreciated. 

Well, not anymore, a platform is gaining the due attention that it deserves; thanks to its current excellent business move. So why don’t we get to know more about Audius and Audius Coin News that gained so much attention. 

All About the Audius Coin 

The Audius is a platform that helps in localized music-sharing and streaming for users Worldwide. It helps the people involved make direct transactions which in turn creates freedom to distribute. Individuals can listen to any audio that is created on the platform or shared by someone. The platform promises secured networks and features that is exclusive. 

The platform has a distinct feature of providing an opportunity for the users to earn Audius coins. Now before jumping into the exciting aspect of Audius Coin News, let’s get some details straight. 

Founders’ Details 

The search for information about the founder of the Audius Coin led us to the Roneil Rumburg. He is the face behind the Audius Coin and is also the CEO of the venture. Another face of the Audius Coin is Forrest Browning, who is a founder and Chief Product Officer. 

The Price of this Cryptocurrency 

The price of any coin in the crypto world has a massive role in decision-making and somewhat predicting the future of the investment in that specific cryptocurrency. Therefore the updated price of the Audius Coin is found to be $2.71. However, according to Audius Coin News, in 24 hours, it has faced a dip up to 26.10%. 

The Market Price  

  • This coin is symbolized as AUDIO with the market rank of #82. 
  • The market cap of Audius Coin is found to be $1,078,811,016. 
  • The coin has a Fully Diluted Market Cap of $2,828,333,119.  
  • The total supply of the coin is 1,043,525,641. 
  • The coin also has a circulating supply of 400,244,277.00 AUDIO. 
  • The $515,637,777 is the 24hour trading volume of the coin with the market cap volume of 0.5384. 
  • The 24h Low / 24h High of the coin is $2.61 /$4.03.
  • According to the current Audius Coin News, the coin has a price change of $-1.19 in 24 hours. 

The Steps to Purchase 

Purchasing your own Audius Coin is relatively easy and has few steps to follow. Hence read through: 

  • First, like most cryptocurrencies, register yourself on an exchange platform such as coinbase or uphold. 
  • Purchase a BTC on these exchanges that individuals can use to buy these coins later. You can use fiat money for purchasing BTC. 
  • Make the transfer of BTC to Altcoin exchange and then deposit the BTC to exchange. 
  • Now go back to Binance and select the ‘ Exchange’ option to make the trade of Audius Coin. 

Audius Coin News

Recently the market value of the Audius Coin experienced a surge of $1 billion. The reason for experiencing such a drastic surge in their prices for the first time in history is because they announced the partnership with TikTok. 

TikTok is a video-sharing app that has gained massive popularity among content creators. The price started to pump, according to the sources, around 16 August 2021, just after the news emerged.


Q1. Does Audius Coin have an official website?

A1. Yes, The URL for the official Audius Coin website is https://audius.co/.

Q2. What is the contract address for the Audius Coin? 

A2. The contract address for the coin is 0x18aaa7115705e8be94bffebde57af9bfc265b998. 

Q3. What is the current price of the Audius Coin? 

A3. The current price of the coin is found to be $2.71. 

Concluding Thoughts 

If there is one thing that we found while covering Audius Coin News, the world of cryptocurrency, it is ever-changing. The market value of any cryptocurrency is susceptible to changes every minute of the day. 

Hence anyone who is venturing into this world for the first time, be mindful of this seesaw of values and may hold the foresight to predict if the coin will work in their favor or not by doing their research. If you want to know in detail about this crypto, then visit here.

How do you feel about this partnership venture by Audius Coin? Please let us know in the comments. Moreover, you can read here about the best crypto to invest in 2021 for long-term.

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