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Tami Rivera Y Gonzalo Plata Video: Check Full Details On Video de Tami Here

The article on Tami Rivera Y Gonzalo Plata Video has explained the trending topic in detail.

Do you know who Tami Rivera is? Who is Gonzalo Plata? Why are Tami and Gonzalo’s names trending together? What happened with Tami recently? If you want to know about Tami Rivera Y Gonzalo Plata Video, read this article and learn all the details. People Worldwide are interested in Tami Rivera and her personal life details.

Tami Rivera & Gonzalo Plata

Tami is a famous DJ and a social media personality from Ecuador. She has been in a relationship with Kike Jav for a long time. But recently, the couple announced their breakup at the beginning of this month. The audience and their fans did not sufficiently take the sudden breakup. Everyone started to ask the reason behind their breakup, and Kike revealed it in a podcast later. 

Kike Jav revealed that Tammy Rivera Y Gonzalo Plata was the reason. Because his partner was involved in infidelity with player Gonzalo Plata. As per sources, audio recordings and messages were present as proof of Tami’s infidelity. 

Disclaimer: The article discusses a social media influencer, Tami Rivera, and her recent breakup. Information is authentic and credible. 

Further Details Revealed by Kike

Per details disclosed by Kike, Gonzalo invited Tami to meet him through social media, and they talked briefly. Gonzalo and Tami were involved in flirting etc., as per Kike’s description of events. In addition, Tami added Gonzalo a while ago or even a few months ago. When Kike learned about the connection between Tami and Gonzalo, he decided to break up with her. 

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Video de Tami Rivera

There is no leaked video concerning Tami Rivera. Only the audio files of her and Gonzalo’s conversations were leaked by Kike Jav in a podcast. On the other hand, Rivera has been claiming that there has been no infidelity from her side, and Gonzalo is just another person she knows. She has also talked about it is childish of Kike to leak her audio files with the player. 

There was nothing between them, and she had never betrayed Kike. A TikTok video by Joansen also revealed that Tami has Gonzalo’s phone number saved on her phone, and they have known each other for a long time, even before the world cup. She claimed that Tami Rivera Y Gonzalo Plata Video is not authentic, and her friendship is depicted incorrectly.

Tami Rivera’s social media & Personal Details 

Tami’s full name is Tamara Rivera, and she is a DJ (disco jockey). Tami is also a model and an Instagram influencer. She lives in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, and she is also an only fan model. Let us see her social media links:


Tami has more than 200 thousand followers on her Instagram account, and she has posted pictures with her ex-boyfriend Kike Jav.


She has more than 200 thousand followers here as well. After the Tami Rivera Y Gonzalo Plata Video controversy, people are more interested in Tami and her life.


Tami Rivera is a DJ and a social media model whose ex-partner Kike Jav, has broken up with her. And accused her of infidelity; he claimed that Tami was involved with Gonzalo Plata. Although Tami denied the claims, she said Gonzalo was just a friend. Kike Jav is a singer and musician with a massive following of over 600 thousand followers on Instagram. Click here to watch the interview with Tami

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