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Matrícula Escolar Sp 2024: Find Details On Application And Its Enrolment

Read exclusive and consolidated facts unavailable elsewhere about Matrícula Escolar SP 2024 to learn about its requirements, vacancies, and process.

Did you know the process of registration in the state education network of São Paulo, Brazil, had started on 16th/August/2023? Are you an aspiring student interested in enrollment or re-registration at the public school networks? Do you know the requirements for registration? Let’s check more about Matrícula Escolar SP 2024.

Matrícula Escola Estadual SP 2024:

The enrollment process for getting seats in state network schools for the academic year 2024 will be open until 15th/September/2023. The parents or the guardian above the age of 18-years can enrol their children by submitting the registration form at the Poupatempo service desk or any state school in person. A student can enroll himself if he is 18-years or above.

At the same time, the fastest and easiest mode of registration is through the online portal of the Secretaire Escolar Digital website (SED). The Matrícula 2024 Escola Estadual SP application will be reviewed by the secretary of education. The 2024 academic year will start in July-August. However, the academic calendar for 2024 is not yet announced.

All students are allotted seats based on enrollment points. The results will be announced in November. The availability of vacancies will be announced on 11th/December/2024, and the enrollment process will be completed by December.

Selection of school:

The parent, guardian, or the student above 18-years old should be careful in selecting the location and the school. The school where the seat is allotted may not have the type of teaching that will suit the student’s Matrícula Escolar SP 2024 interests mentioned at the time of enrollment.

Further, the transportation and proximity to the school from the student’s residence should be considered. If the student is in another state school, he may apply for transfer by intention. Transfer to another state school can be initiated only on SED.

Hence, it is vital that high school students enrolling in 1st year should check what options are offered at different state schools so that they can select training itineraries of their interest.

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Who can enroll?

  • Students who wish to join EJA are only available for students who are 15-years or above.
  • Veterans,
  • Matrícula Escolar SP 2024 candidates who dropped out from previous years, 
  • Young students,
  • Students transferred from other countries, states or municipalities, and
  • Students transferred from other schools, whether federal or private,

Required documents:

  • Student’s birth certificate,
  • Identity and CPF of parents or guardians,
  • 2 current 3 × 4 photos,
  • Recent proof of residence,
  • Student ID and CPF,
  • Vaccination cards for students from early childhood to the 5th year of elementary school, and
  • A transfer statement indicating the student’s eligibility to attend 2024 studies is required in case of transfer.

Matrícula Escolar SP 2024 type of vacancies:

  • Elementary School who are 9-years or above in the initial/final year,
  • Regular High School students
  • Students opting for Vocational Education, EJA Elementary Education, EJA High School, or 
  • CEEJA (only available for students who are 18-years or above and applicable for both primary and secondary education),
  • Re-enrollment to Training Itinerary;
  • Re-enrollment in Vocational Education;
  • Re-enrollment in Language Study Center from 7th year of Elementary School
  • Students Eligibility for Special Education;
  • Students opting for Comprehensive Teaching Program.
  • Students Interested in participating in vaccination campaigns

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The Matrícula Escolar SP 2024 was officially announced on 16th/August/2023 on Brazilian government educational websites. It stated that they do not want to keep any vacancies unallotted. Applying on SED is simple, where applicants can fill in their details and upload digital documents.

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