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[Update] Shanquella Robinson Full Video: Check Cctv Footage Coverage Story for The Trending Friends Fight News On Instagram, Twitter & Reddit!

The article tries to find out the real reason behind Shanquella’s death and outlines the Story in Shanquella Robinson Full Video trending on various platforms.

Have you come across the recent news of Shanquella Robinson? Recently a video has been trending on various social media platforms where we can find a girl beaten to death by another woman. The girl was none other than Robinson, and she went on a trip with her friends to Cabo. 

The video has disturbed people Worldwide, and they are seeking justice for the 25-year-old woman. Check out the Shanquella Robinson Full Video details in this post.


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How did Shanquella Robinson die?

Shanquella went on a trip with her friends to Cabo, and one of the video clips revealed that she landed in a fight with another woman. 

Her friends claim she died from alcohol poisoning, but her broken neck and spinal cord tell something else. The autopsy reports are still awaited to know the actual cause of death.

Visuals of the Cctv Footage 

The video footage shows a woman, supposedly one of her friends has beaten Shanquella continuously, and she fell on the ground. The man recording the video is heard asking Robinson to get up and fight back, but she is intoxicated to a considerable level and which is why she cannot stand up. 

The woman continued landing hits and punches on Robinson, and within 24 hours of her arrival in Cabo, she was dead.

Detailed Story of the incident

After she died, there were no clues about Robinson, and the whole group of friends returned from Mexico, leaving her body behind. The autopsy reports show that she had a back spasm, a broken neck and a cracked spinal cord.

The family of Shanquella suspects that something horrific happened to their child and the truth remains unrevealed. They are still waiting for the cause of Shanquella’s death. The family has been asked to hire a private investigator to investigate the matter further.

Is the video trending on Twitter?

An unidentified man recorded the visuals of the horrific scene, and it was flashed on all social media platforms, including Twitter. As soon as people came across the horrific video, they started sharing it with their friends and family, and in this way, the video became viral.


Is the video trending on Twitter

People are slamming those girls who call themselves friends, and now they hide the absolute truth. 

Who was Shanquella Robinson’s companion on the trip?

Shanquella went to Cabo, Mexico, to celebrate one of her Friends‘ birthdays, but it was unfortunate that she lost her life within twenty-four hours of reaching there. People believe that her friend hit and slammed her and broke her neck, leading to her death.

Some also doubt that she may be intoxicated without being known, and it might be a plan to offend and beat her. Nobody would have thought that she would die after this incident. Robinson’s mother is heartbroken and is demanding answers.

Shanquella Robinson’s video on Instagram

People have flooded Instagram with comments, backlashing these kinds of friends and are asking for justice for Robinson. She travelled to Mexico on October 28, 2022, and mysteriously died within 24 hours.

The video from the Mexico hotel room has outraged the people, demanding accurate reports by the authorities. Shanquella’s so-called friends can be heard cheering the woman who beat her constantly.

What was the people’s reaction to Reddit?

There was a thread put up by the True Crime community regarding the incident, but the post has been removed due to some issues. But people have commented on the post asking for more details.

It has also been revealed that Robinson was constantly beaten for 15 minutes before she lost her life. People suspect that there might be some more recordings showing more details.

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The autopsy report reveals that Shanquella had broken ribs and neck, and further investigation is going on. We eagerly await the details of the horrific incident

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Shanquella Robinson Full Video-FAQs

Q1. Who is Shanquella Robinson?

A 25-year-old Black woman from North Carolina.

Q2. What happened to her?

She died mysteriously after she went on a trip.

Q3. Where did Shanquella go?

Cabo, Mexico 

Q4. What was the purpose of Shanquella Robinson’s trip?

She went to celebrate one of her friend’s birthdays.

Q5. How did she die?

She was beaten continuously by one of her friends.

Q6. Who is supposedly in the video beating Robinson?

Daejhanae Jackson

Q7. Is the autopsy report revealed?

Yes, and it explains broken neck and back spasms.

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