Scratch That Horror Itch of Yours with a Streaming Service Like Shudder!

Scratch That Horror Itch of Yours with a Streaming Service Like Shudder!

With time, streaming services have truly diversified, allowing subscribers to explore and enjoy a whole lot of entertainment options that were previously not available to them. 

Interestingly, this applies to all genres, including horror as well. Though not everybody is a fan of the horror genre. But that doesn’t mean that those who are, shouldn’t get to enjoy their favorite genre. 

However, the matter is different for streaming services and conventional cable TV. Digital users still subscribed to one of the local TV cable companies in the area will need to check if there are any pure horror channels available on the menu for them. 

This article focuses on Shudder, one of the exclusive horror-only genre streaming services offered to subscribers in the U.S. Is it worth a look? Let’s find out.

What’s All That Hype About the Horror-Only Streaming Service, Shudder?

This is one of the horror-related streaming services that aim to offer an ad-free viewing experience to US audiences across the country.

Even though Shudder debuted quite recently in open beta, it is AMC’s only horror-based streaming service and one of the top best Americans have right now.

That’s because the creators behind this service have successfully beaten others at their own game.

The strong corporate support and content curation ensure that Shudder has an advantage over its competition.

Given the history of the horror genre, which has witnessed considerable growth in the past and holds potential for much more.

Surprisingly, Shudder has a narrow digital library, which can only grow if filmmakers and the industry pay more attention to the genre.

And with horror lovers everywhere yearning to stream a diverse variety of horror-only content, what’s better than now?

This is also because streaming giants, such as Netflix or HBO Max along with other smaller, focused services are unable to do so, due to their limited selection.

Even though The Walking Dead was a sure hit in the studio and commanded the small screen, it felt that now was the right time to branch out and extend the reach of this underestimated genre.

While horror are considered to be among Hollywood’s fruitful nest eggs, it’s often not recognized for their content as other cinematic genres are. 

What Makes Shudder Stand Out?

The best part is that the service comes with specially curated channels. Like Shudder TV, for instance.

This means that if a horror lover wants exclusive video content, then Shudder is the right place to go

Not only does the streaming service comprise original titles that cross 100+ between the various types of content, but also ensures that you get the opportunity to look at both the classics and modern new titles.

And thoroughly enjoy! But that’s not just the cherry on top. Shudder ensures that every nook and cranny of the horror genre is covered.

So whether you want to watch the classic American slasher or even a psychological indie foreign feature film, the streaming service touches every angle of the horror spectrum.

Why Visual Design of the Streaming Service Is Important?

The visual design of a streaming service is highly important. The simpler, the better! Thankfully, with Shudder, users are merely disappointed in this regard. 

The overall clean design ensures that the visual elements of the interface are effectively optimized by audiences.

For example, the grey text in the navigation bar ‘literally shudders’, when the user hovers their mouse cursor over it. But that’s not all.

While the main page welcomes the user with a list of exclusive titles that are showcased via a slideshow. It gives a chance to users to explore the web page and find recommendations that suit their televisual palette.

What’s more, the streaming service also consists of detailed bio sections and description pages for all the content present on the webpage.

So you no longer have to google a TV show because Shudder gives the option to watch the video trailer or teaser.

And even has a condensed space, which holds all the essential info regarding the video media content, followed by user ratings.

This means that users can now easily pick up information regarding a piece, which is recently released or highly recommended by audiences.

The only area, where Shudder disappoints audiences is the user account page that though designed in a minimalistic manner, just seems like one lazy page design, which is downright frustrating.

When it comes to the user info page, there’s the option to edit basic details, like username and password, email address, payment method, and some degree of the subscriber’s membership settings as well.

However, the only area that cannot be altered once selected is the membership type of the subscriber. So users are advised to enter all details with caution.

A Cost-Effective Horror-Only Streaming Service

Surprisingly, Shudder is quite reasonable and offers two kinds of pricing options: monthly and annually.

Viewers can either opt for the monthly $5.99 or select the option of yearly membership for an optimal fee of $56.99 (paying the discounted $4.75 every month).

New users also have the option to opt for the free 7-day free trial. Those who have opted for their regular internet package deals for the month can truly enjoy their favorite video content if their internet is speedy and glitch-free.

Otherwise, the Lord gives them the patience to deal with all that bufferin’!

Wrapping It Up,

While the interface, the design, and the overall look of this streaming service are minimalistic, clean, and straightforward, if you are a big fan of the genre of horror and scare, then you will enjoy Shudder.

Even if you are not, the service will still prove to be a delight as it has some of the most creative content available for audiences in the country and even worldwide. Subscribe now!

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